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The Love Story that Starts in Winter: Review of [160826] Giniro Haruka

Foreword: As a super-delayed review, I feel that there needs to be some form of explanation.

I generally didn’t really want to touch any tone work’s titles purely because of the fact that it’s super long (I didn’t touch games like Hatsukoi 1/1 for the same reason). After hearing people suggest this game for me, and me myself having played relatively longer games like Sengoku Koihime, I thought I would be able to handle it.

Oh boy was I wrong.

The reason why I’m making this a short review instead of a full fledged one is because I ended up getting sick of it after completing Yuzuki, Bethley, and 3/4 of the way through Mizuha’s route and ended up going “fuck this shit” and dropping the game. For this reason, I won’t be talking about the characters at all, but basing my scores purely on what I experienced with the game so far, as well as my opinions.

For this reason, please understand that my review for this game is greatly unreliable. Please only use it as another player’s opinion instead of a source of solid information/criticisms. Let’s get to it.

Title:  銀色、遥か (Silver Color, Far Away)
Producers: tone works
Release Date: August 26, 2016
VNDB Link: https://vndb.org/v18778
Getchu Link: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=885200
Game Type: Realistic Romance Novel

Summary: Yukito’s childhood wasn’t colorful like anyone else’s, but it was definitely filled with kindness. His 2nd year in middle school was filled with potential as his younger sister Yuzuki hastily followed him outside to his “present”, and it’s not long until both of them form and remember new and old relationships.

The transfer student from Canada Bethley, Yukito’s new classmate Momiji, Yuzuki’s new best friend Hinata, Mizuha their childhood friend who they soon reunite with, and finally his own sister Yuzuki.

This is a story about them and their friendship that creates a group of inseparable friends. Even when Bethley returns to Canada, they are sure they will be able to meet again soon.


Icha-icha at a Beachside Cafe: Review of [110225]Lover Able

Foreword: Another game by SMEE, that caught my attention with the great experience I had with Fureraba. Lover Able is a title that has similar elements as Fureraba, but was ultimately inferior for missing some very crucial elements. Despite this, I also have compliments for this game, which had a relatively higher character affection, and quite importantly, more of what I call “drama” that is missing in Fureraba.

With games being finished gradually, I hope to move onto the older games, but please keep in mind there’s a new wave of releases in 7 days, which I suspect will swamp me again. On the bright side, my summer classes are almost over…

Obviously, this is from its sequel, “Dousei” LoverAble.

Title: ラブラブル (Lover Able)
Producers: SMEE
Release Date: February 25, 2011
VNDB Link: http://vndb.org/v5734
Getchu Link: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=708075
Game Type: Pure-Love Comedy Dating Simulation

Summary: Haruki and his sister Kaho are liberated from their parents as they move to an apartment of their own after they finally became tired of them moving around so much. In return for being taken care of by their Uncle (…which he doesn’t really do, nor is seemingly capable of doing), they work at his store, called Frutia. Meeting staff like Nanako and Tsugumi, the siblings will also attend school, and meet more friends as well.

Story Length: Moderate (25 hours)
Complete Story Clearing Difficulty: Very Easy
Comments: Considerably easier than Fureraba, the main split doesn’t occur until Haruki comes out of his apartment due to being unable to sleep. After that, it dives right into the heroine’s route.

A scene where previously, Kaho would actively feed Haruki with the parfait, but this time around, as lovers, Kaho feels embarrassed to perform such an act. (Aka, omg so cute <333)

Character Design Rating: 7/10
Story Rating: 6/10
Game Quality: Low
Overall Rating: 6/10
Rating Comments: Considerably inferior ratings make this game a worse one than Fureraba. While it’s true that this game is a predecessor, it does have  a fandisk; which got my hopes up for it. The “common route” which I think is the main dish of any game, was relatively poorly designed, and was too short with very little story elements. The mere fact that each character “falls in love” so quickly for the smallest things was rather annoying as it was repeated 5 times.

Despite this, I can’t say too many bad things about each route, because unlike Fureraba, each route had a small, but definite conflict that the two characters solve together. In addition, the other heroines don’t really “poof” like they do in Fureraba, which was also another bonus.

One BAD thing, I saw, was that there was a constant theme of “jealousy” for each heroine, where Haruki may seem close with another girl, and the heroine exhibits dissatisfaction. I feel like this element could’ve been utilized to create more drama, but SMEE just ignored all of it, and kept this as a comical element.

Character Summary: Right onto the summaries! As with Fureraba, there’s really nothing much to say about the characters themselves, but let’s take a crack at this! *rolls up sleeves*

Let’s start with Chinatsu. This girl, that Haruki randomly meets one day, is trying to retrieve the straw hat that got caught up in a tree when kids were throwing it around (why would you do that? O_O).

Despite getting the hat successfully, Chinatsu falls in the process, and Haruki does his little protagonist-like things and saves her. Thanking him, Chinatsu leaves when someone calls her, but the two meet again in the same class; apparently, she’s a transfer student too! Perhaps because of the fact that they’re both transfer students, the two become friends from the very first day.

Nonetheless, as Haruki is forced the role of recruiting new staff members for Frutia, Chinatsu is one of the first people he consults about this problem. While she is rather poor in her cooking skills, Chinatsu is very diligent and is the moodmaker for any kind of situations. However, this kind of personality also makes this character not stand out much…

Chinatsu has a younger sister who is completely different from her in terms of personality, but still loves dearly. This younger sister, Mifuyu, also soon becomes one of the staff members at Frutia, and close to Haruki after a certain event when Haruki helps the sisters by using a “technique” called “Silver Plate Beam”. (LOL)

Chinatsu is a very lonely character; because of her environment similar to Haruki’s, she also has very few friends, let alone someone who she loves dearly. At the end of her route, Haruki confronts her father and makes his desperate attempt to keep Chinatsu in this town.

Kaho is Haruki’s biological younger sister, and is arguably my favorite character.

Many of the scenes involve her being aggressively approaching her brother in a sexual manner, but the reader can also see that this is a regular joke of hers. It is also hinted in other routes that she also has experience with “eroge”, since she has a friend who continuously sends her some, which explains her desensitization towards such taboo topics.

Despite being my favorite character, Kaho’s route was also arguably the crappiest. There WAS the taboo of siblings in such a relationship, but most of the time, it was thrown over the shoulder with a joke (when a store keeper inquires them about this, Haruki suggests that his own son/daughter may be in such a relationship as well). However, this doesn’t really last long, and the siblings are faced with two subcharacters; the swimming club ace and manager. The manager is in love with the ace, but the ace only has his eyes on Kaho. This kind of relationship ends up with each side insulting each other, and finally a contest to see “who is better”.

Naturally, Kaho wins the beauty contest, but now, Haruki wants to win the triathlon that’s being held, because it would be the winner of the beauty contest who would hand the trophy and even a kiss to the champion of the triathlon.

What I really appreciate about Kaho’s route, is that she speaks my very thought about “love, romance, and relationships” in general.  As she stands at the stage, she asks for the meaning of a “good woman”, and says the following:

What defines a “good woman”? I don’t think being physically attractive is the only quality of a good woman. I believe a woman is made beautiful by a man who loves her unconditionally, to tell her that she doesn’t need to force herself to do anything…

Man, I SOOO agree with you on there, Kaho.

Tsugumi is next. Despite Kaho being the youngest, Tsugumi seems to be the one to fill in the “loli” role of the game. A year younger than Haruki, their first encounter was when she handed Haruki a flyer inviting the students to a volunteer program to clean up the beach. It wouldn’t be long until Haruki would realize that this underclassman would become his “senpai” in the workplace.

Tsugumi has a case of androphobia, which isn’t the correct term, because it is her past trauma that delivered this status. While it is revealed in her route, most of Tsugumi’s attitude males comes from her uncertainty and inability to trust them. While being diligent in the workplace, Tsugumi is rather reluctant to become the trainer for Haruki, but soon accept him anyway. In return, Haruki often refers to Tsugumi as “sensei”.

Tsugumi’s attitude towards Haruki changes drastically during that same event that she invited him to; the volunteer event involving the cleaning of the beach. After their work is done, some of the girls rent a float to play in the waters, but due to a prank, Tsugumi ends up falling into the water. Being unable to swim, Haruki immediately runs out and rescues her. From then, Tsugumi acts slightly closer to Haruki, and is often implied that she has feelings for the protagonist even in the other routes.

Tsugumi’s route is one of those that I could definitely consider to have “great potential for a story”. The two exchange addresses, and it’s not for long until Tsugumi accidentally sends a text that explicitly states her feelings for “a certain senpai” to her friend, Nao, who she was trying to consult. After Haruki receives such a text, he acts awkwardly towards this underclassman until she admits to him that the text was referring to a different “senpai”. She then asks him to “practice” with her, because she is afraid that she’ll be rejected immediately if she doesn’t.

With mixed feelings, Haruki agrees to act as the lover for Tsugumi. According to the manager, the senpai that Tsugumi has feelings for is rather popular, and Haruki wouldn’t be able to win against him…

In reality, the “other senpai” does not exist, and is actually Tsugumi and the manager’s lie. This was because the manager suggested this make-up story to see how Haruki would react, and as the manager predicted, this ended up stimulating the relationship between them.

However, I ideally want to see more than this. I had my hopes up that Haruki would help Tsugumi with this “practice”, but have someone confess to him instead, of which Tsugumi sees herself. This would create an extremely dramatic love triangle, where Tsugumi’s “lie” to learn Haruki’s true feelings work 180 degrees against her.

Say hi to Satsuki. As soon as Haruki transferred, Satsuki was one of the first ones to greet him, mainly because they were in neighboring seats. Without a textbook on the first day, the two became close after they drew small sketches in the textbook that Satsuki offers to share, and as Haruki is placed in the recruitment position, Satsuki is one of the girls he invites to work at the cafe.

Quiet and reserved, this girl is unlike the other girls in the sense she loves chocolate chip mint ice cream, and has a pig named “tonkatsu” (pork cutlet). It’s absolutely hilarious to see that tonkatsu is biologically a female, and the term “mesu-buta” (female pig) is used as a double entendre, since this animal seems to be a hardcore masochist.

Nonetheless, Satsuki’s route is very short, and its only drama arises from the fact that Satsuki’s phone is destroyed after a car runs over it. It’s the first phone that Satsuki has ever gotten, (and also shared a lot of texts with Haruki), and the reason why Satsuki is sad is not because of the phone, but because the texts and pictures she took with Haruki could not be recovered. With the little help from Satsuki’s mother, Haruki realizes that what Satsuki really wanted was the two-shot that they took when she first got the phone, and agrees to send the exact picture to her.

Last is Nanako! Beautiful and kind, this character is pretty much the second-in-command of the entire restaurant, because of her diligence and ability to make quick decisions. As a running-gag, she stuffs the manager’s nose with all sorts of spicy things (including wasabi O_O) when he’s fooling around and not working.

Nanako is very stern to both Kaho and Haruki when they start working, but do her best to help them get used to the environment, and cover up for their mistakes without hesitation. From a first glance, Nanako is a very reliable character.

However, it is implied that Nanako is past the age of marriage, but is still weak with anything sexual; it is a habit of hers to run away screaming when someone brings up such a topic, and this trait is equivalent to her reaction when a cockroach appears in her apartment.

Nanako’s route involves her extremely popular background, where her family was trying to set up an arranged marriage for her. Leaving the house because she did not want to marry the opponent, Nanako admits that she also has a dream. It is not until later that Haruki learns that her dream was to create a restaurant similar to Frutia.

However, her parents are not so pleased with this idea, and as if to rub salt on the wound, even her arranged partner tries to talk Nanako out of her own dream. Haruki finally snaps and yells at them,

…If you love her even one bit, don’t tell her to give up on her dream. Have you, for once, told her to “do your best”?!

Her route ends with the couple successfully building their own restaurant.

Bishoujo in swimsuits *nosebleed*

Sexual Content: Moderate

Comments: An inferior game to Fureraba, but still a good game nonetheless. There’s more drama than its successor, but I would’ve honestly wanted to see more plot for Satsuki and for the common story. As with Fureraba, there is character customization to a certain extent, (note that the fandisk offers even more customization) but I found the Original Artwork to be better for Fureraba than Lover Able.

With two great games behind me, I’m going to be looking forward to the future SMEE games. It’s not the absolute best games, but it’s very superior compared to other games in terms of character design, affection for the characters, and addictiveness.

A comical scene, where Chinatsu insists that she won’t be bothered of Mifuyu and Haruki went on a date, but follows them anyway. The signpost reads “jealousy”, which is very corresponding to the emotion she probably feels right now.

Affection for the Characters: Moderate

CG Quality: Low
Music Quality: Good

Addictiveness: Low

Conclusion: A “lower-quality” version of Fureraba would be what I would call it. Despite this, I strongly encourage readers to not give up on this title, because it’s also filled to the brim with high-quality comedy, and while not as much, character affection.

The Story of Eternal Love… Review of [130628]Fureraba

Foreword: As my first game from SMEE, I am very pleased to present an extremely good title. Much of the story elements were exactly how I like it, and in some ways, I found this game to be greatly resembling Mashiroiro Symphony. Trust me. If a game is close to being a good game as Mashiroiro Symphony, you have a DAMN good game.

With such a good game behind me, I’m actually rather hesitant to play other games, but I’ll suck it up and get on with it. Just uh… Don’t be mad because I’m slow with the new releases (OMG THERE’S ANOTHER WAVE OF RELEASES IN 3 WEEKS QQQQ)

Finished in four days this time, please enjoy this delightful review of “Fureraba” (Friend Lover)!

Nothing will happen if I just wait…

Title: フレラバ ~Friend to Lover~ (Fureraba) [As stated above, this translates into “Friend Lover”
Producers: SMEE
Release Date: June 28, 2013
VNDB Link: http://vndb.org/v11856
Getchu Link: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=761824
Game Type: Dating Simulation Romance Novel

Summary: Kyousuke is a lonely protagonist who wants a girlfriend. As Spring comes, which brings about his junior year in high school, his desire rises greatly to a point he would often announce his desires in front of the entire class,  and along with his friends Genki or “Momo”, he will spend his school days chasing after skirts.

One day, he meets a very pretty girl with her dog in a park. Talking to her, he realizes that this girl is very friendly, and Kyousuke somehow manages to get close to her!

However, due to an unfortunate accident, he ends up faceplanting into the girl’s skirt, and all of a sudden, the girl starts swearing him out! Startled by this sudden change in attitude, Kyousuke only returns her swears with insults of his own, and the two start arguing. Of course, the two separate in a bad mood.

Kyousuke’s story begins with the introduction of four characters; Yuzuyu, the girl who he met in the park (and got insulted in the process); Himari, Kyousuke’s childhood friend who he hasn’t met in a long time; Rina, Kyousuke’s close friend who shares many of his interests; and Misaki, a mysterious upperclassman who is extremely popular among the students.

Rina, who is a good friend of Kyousuke from high school.

Story Length: Moderate (25 hours)
Complete Story Clearing Difficulty: Easy
Comments: As the protagonist, you must “meet” with heroines and talk with them frequently. Use choices that seem solemn (so don’t choose words perverted or disturbing in any way), and remember to keep in mind of the character’s personality. Use options that would strike up a conversation, and most of all, be friendly to the target heroine.

The heroine will act differently according to how the conversation went. Generally speaking, getting a “favorable” result is preferred, but heroine affection rises slowly by choosing that heroine repetitively. There will be heroine-specific events, and whenever your heroine “runs away” from you, then it is the time to confess.

Don’t mess around by trying to capture two heroines, however, since you are only given a period of two months, and by the time you get close enough to one heroine to achieve her route, you’re already running out of time. Stick to one heroine and pursue her as much as you can. All four “confessions” occur on 6/30 of the game’s date.

Character Design Rating: 9/10
Story Rating: 6/10
Game Quality: Moderate
Overall Rating: 7/10
Rating Comments: Nearly perfect character design, the only two flaws are the fact that once you get into a heroine’s route, the other characters seem to simply disappear (this excludes Misaki’s route). The other element that bothered me is that the change of  “friend to lover” is rather rapid; even as the entire story is dedicated to describing and presenting such changes, I don’t think simply “chatting” with a heroine would make her head-over-heels in love with you, right?

omg Kyousuke, you should share *drools*

Story Rating gets a drop because of that exact reason; the transition between “friend” and “lover” is too rapid. I guess this is just my personal bias, but the stories also did not contain what I would describe as “drama” or a climax. There was a point when there was something relatively close to “conflict”, but that was when the heroine and protagonist would try to figure out their own feelings for each other, and had very little impact.

On the other hand, various characters will make the reader laugh; including Genki, the parent characters also have a personality that brings a smile to the face of readers. Perhaps if I could have chosen my family, it would be similar to the families presented in this game.

Character Summary: I love these characters. They are all pure in their intentions, and also have some trait that is recognized by the protagonist. While I do have some complaints, I think I can get to that later. Here goes character summaries!

Himari is first! Arguably my favorite character (due to her loli-like personality/design), she is the childhood friend of Kyousuke, who he has not met in several years. Hating carrots, Himari would often try to throw away carrots, but is often stopped by her friends and mom, and even by Misaki. She has several hamsters, but is terrible at naming them; when Kyousuke comes over and “renames” them (and the hamsters actually like it), she runs away crying.

The background of Himari is rather vague, but gets descriptive in her route; when Himari was young, she would often cling too much to Kyousuke, who may have been slightly irritated by her actions. This often exposed the two to jokes among their peers, who would often tease them by saying they were dating.

Himari soon realized that Kyousuke was not too fond of this teasing, and immediately stopped relying on him too much. Transferring to another school, the two childhood friends would not see each other for a long time. Despite this, their mothers were on very good terms with each other, and meet to drink often; this put the two in an awkward situation.

In reality, Himari admits bluntly to Kyousuke one day, that Kyousuke was her “first love”. This troubles Kyousuke greatly, who had recently started to notice Himari as a very attractive girl (ermahgawd, you’re so slow, Kyousuke!). Towards this girl whose first love has ended, and is not interested in a male, his continuous approaches to Himari soon allowed him to realize his own feelings for this girl, and leads to his confession.

While Himari accepts his feelings, she stubbornly claims that this “love” is not as a childhood friend, but as a “friend”. Himari claims that this is because she “didn’t want to make it seem as if it was our previous relationship that made me fall in love with you…“, but despite what she says, it is very likely that it was her “first love” that blossomed again.


As a girl of similar interests, Rina is a “good” friend of Kyousuke from high school. Enjoying manga and games as much as the next guy, it is possible to argue that Rina is a tomboy, due to her excellence in athletics as well. Despite this, Rina is very popular among girls; she is also intelligent and friendly. A possible “Yamato Nadeshiko”, if it wasn’t for her hobbies.

Originally, Rina does not get along with Kyousuke or Genki. The two guys only see her as one of their “buddies”, and cannot view Rina as an “opposite gender”. This is especially true for Genki, who regularly treat Rina as if she was a male. 

This is not true for Kyousuke, who, while treating Rina badly at first, perform and say things that suggest his view of Rina as a girl. Embarrassed to admit it, Kyousuke also thinks Rina is beautiful, and his emotions are sparked when Mahiro, a friend of Rina, sets the two up in a pool date.

Mahiro naturally escapes by saying she is in an ambulance, and it is on that day that Kyousuke spots Rina’s first “weakness“; she cannot swim. Along with this experience, Kyousuke slowly starts to enjoy Rina’s company.

The final spark comes when Rina is confessed to (for the second time) by an upperclassman. Not knowing him enough, Rina politely rejects him again. This leads to the upperclassman becoming slightly aggressive, as he sarcastically shouts how his confession is only a way for Rina to toy around with males. Kyousuke, who witnesses this scene, cuts in and convinces the upperclassman that what he’s doing is wrong.

At this point, Rina is deeply affectionate towards Kyousuke, who gave her the emotional support and the affection she so wanted; as Kyousuke asks her for a date, Rina is conflicted with an emergency call from her part-time job, which makes her regretfully cancel the date she was so looking forward to. (Note that this event is a foreshadow from what the “upperclassman” may have hinted, how Rina “plays around” with male’s emotions). As Rina realizes this, she asks to meet Kyousuke late at night; it is at this time that Kyousuke confesses.

Rina is actually deprived of human affection…

It can be seen that Rina is actually an “ojousama”, due to her father being the CEO of a very large company in France. However, because her parents would often prioritize work over their own daughter (they even forget Rina’s birthday!), Rina clings onto Kyousuke’s existence, who offers the love she has been longing for. 


Despite her beautiful appearance, Yuzuyu is extremely bad-mouthed. Calling Kyousuke “indecent” and “trash” from the very first encounter, Kyousuke’s first impression of her as a kind girl was crushed.

However, Kyousuke still believed that from careful observation, Yuzuyu was not a bad person; there was a reason for acting like this. Wishing to know more, Kyousuke approaches this girl, who believes that all males are perverts, and there’s no one she can trust in this world.

As his approaches take effect, Yuzuyu finds herself relieved when near Kyousuke, and finds herself slowly falling in love, as Kyousuke helps her with various things despite her cold attitude towards him. Unable to become honest in a short amount of time, Yuzuyu’s struggle with herself finally ends as Kyousuke confesses to her, she decides to accept his feelings.

Kyousuke says that Yuzuyu is most attractive when she smiles; I would have to agree with him on this one.

The reader can then see some very pleasing scenes, where Yuzuyu will act extremely coldly to other males (such as Genki), but insist on being called by her first name by Kyousuke. Simply this change in attitude can label this character as a “tsundere”, except the reader can see much more “dere” as he continues into the “Lover” portion of Yuzuyu’s route.

As Yuzuyu becomes more and more closer to Kyousuke, her mindset changes as well; she is relatively friendly to her juniors, and with the help of Kyousuke, prepare a cake for the members of the swimming club, who all accept her as well. Mako (the junior) strongly suggests that it is thanks to Kyousuke for such a change in Yuzuyu.


A mysterious character, Misaki’s first appearance is from a magazine, where she is placed as a model. As a very beautiful girl, she is always seen with someone, and there’s also a rumor that she is the daughter of a very rich family, as well as being involved in an arranged marriage.

Despite her background, Kyousuke’s approaches to Misaki initially involved curiosity; he wanted to know more about this upperclassman, who always seemed to be the center of attention. However, when he tries to meet her, he would somehow be interrupted by someone. Just as he was about to give up, Misaki APPROACHES HIM INSTEAD! extremely startled by this sudden encounter, he realizes Misaki is only trying to return his wallet, that fell while returning home.

The two get a chance to talk, and even “become friends” from that point, and it wouldn’t be long until Kyousuke would be slapped by a startling discovery.

Despite the rumors about Misaki, all of them are false, as Misaki is actually a normal girl who just happens to be intelligent. She lives in a vegetable store, and her parents are very normal, hardworking individuals. Perhaps because of this, Misaki is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to vegetable preparations. This knowledge attracts both Rina and Yuzuyu, who are both excellent cooks.

One of my favorite scenes, where Misaki (who’s afraid of showing her skin) wears a swimsuit for Kyousuke.

As one of the first ones to know of the “real Misaki”, Kyousuke realizes that this popular upperclassman is actually very lonely, as she is looked upon with only respect, and no one would become close to her. As her first “true friend“, Kyousuke first invites this girl to a pool (with the help of his mom), then realizes that his emotions toward this upperclassman changed from “curiosity” to “desire to protect“.

His relationship with Misaki is always looked upon with a cold eye, and some of the seniors genuinely believe that Kyousuke was threatening Misaki with something. However, the two work together to solve the misunderstanding, by promoting the very shop that Misaki lives in!

Misaki, diligently promoting her vegetable shop.

Ahhhnn~~ This is actually a comical scene where Misaki literally stuffs Kyousuke’s mouth with food; it seems as if she loves taking care of others.

Sexual Content: Moderate

Comments: One of the things I appreciate about this game is that you can change the appearance of your target heroine!! As an example, you can change the hairstyle of Yuzuyu, Himari, and Rina, while changing the “outfit” for Misaki. Personally, I found Himari’s alternate hairstyle to be greatly attractive, but whatever your preference is, go with it.

This ^ hairstyle changes to…

v (THIS)

Letting her hair down makes Himari look a lot more mature ^^

In addition, I feel as if Kyousuke was not really “indecisive” as he describes himself in the beginning. While he does have his chicken moments, most of of the times in the story, Kyousuke is very bold in his actions, and can be described as a relatively proactive and resourceful character. Despite not being the most intelligent, Kyousuke is very diligent and passionate about his desire to get a girlfriend, and when he DOES get a girlfriend, most of the scenes involve him being protective or active for some benefit to the heroine.

One of the major quotes of this game is “Nothing will happen if I just wait…“, and this is absolutely true. If you, dear readers, wanted something, you need to stand up and reach for it. There can be silly moments like Kyousuke in this game, but like him, you must have a definite and specific goal.

Affection for the Characters: Extremely High

CG Quality: Very good. All the characters look very attractive, don’t you think? Just wait until you see each of their personalities!
Music Quality: Superior. You should listen to its Opening Song, Quantum Jump. It is absolutely awesome! Here’s an embed!

Japanese Lyrics: (

そら高く 伸ばした手を あなたと繋ぎたいんだ

English Translated Lyrics:

Unknown things overflow in my heart
But I can definitely feel
the importance of Destiny
If the beginning of season or impulse is true,
I want to know more deeply
Please teach me now…!!
Stay like this right now
because you are by my side
We can draw our future
Look, you can see it right now
This hand I stretch out into the sky, I want to connect to you.
Can you feel me?

Himari is so pretty~ \>w</

Addictiveness: Moderately High

Conclusion: A great SMEE game which created an invaluable first impression for me. I’ll be delving into more SMEE games in the future. For anyone looking for a pure love story, this is definitely a game they should try.

And always remember to hide your H-magazines properly……..