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The Race to be the World’s Ruler! Review of [160226]World Election

Foreword: If you followed me and my eroge career so far, you’d know that I’ve played every single Whirlpool game with the exception of a game called “Ina Koi” which is their very first game and probably not that great (I say this based on 3rd-party reviews). I planned on keeping this “streak of completion” throughout, so it’s only natural that World Election, their 10th anniversary game, is next on my list. Honestly, I actually planned on writing this review MUCH sooner, but stuff happens and I’m currently in Orlando, Florida, so there’s that.

Oh well, right into the game. Long story short, World Election was unexpectedly good at least compared with the relatively lower expectations I had for the game. While obviously not up to par with older titles like Suzukaze no Melt, this game did have a colorful character design which I hope to discuss. As expected from a “10th anniversary game”, World Election did have more effort placed into creating a serious charage, which includes the presence of a “True Route”

I’ll try to go through with what I thought about the game overall!

Title: ワールド・エレクション (World Election)
Producers: Whirlpool
Release Date: February 26, 2016
VNDB Link: https://vndb.org/v18141
Getchu Link: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=875507
Game Type: Fantasy Charage Novel

Summary: One day, five different worlds all with very different paradigms and thoughts, as well as the population all collapsed into one. This resulted in utter chaos as each world’s leaders struggled to find a good balance of each of their cultures as to not clash with others. As things settled down, a school was created for the bright youngsters of each of these five worlds to participate and learn about each other’s differences.

Kei is said student who actually has very little friends. His scary looks and his abilities as a a “Dummy Maker” placed fear in the hearts of all the students in the very first day of his school, and while he doesn’t like the school per se, he also doesn’t want to be dragged back home to his strict father.

This is why when his father does call and finds out that Kei wasn’t really getting anything from attending school, he enforces Kei’s return. Upon desperation, Kei promises his dad that he’ll become the next Student Council President to show him his passion!

Go ahead. Kururu is watching

What Exactly are “Witches”? Review of [121130] Witch’s Garden

Foreword: Merry Christmas, Everyone! (Late Merry Christmas to the ones in Japan/Korea/other side of the Earth) Here’s a random clipart of a Christmas Tree for absolutely no reason!

Christmas Tree Clip Art_02

2 months of no activity, but that doesn’t mean I’m dead! (Yet). As many suspected, real life stuff has been crushing me quite a bit, and it’s thanks to the Winter Break season that I actually get to enjoy my hobby a bit more. I can’t apologize to my readers enough for their patience and would like to present today another quality review to make up for that.

I do have a “Look-back at 2015” post planned very soon (Will most likely publish on the 30th or 31st), so please look forward to it.

Let’s get right onto this game, Witch’s Garden. I actually received the incentive to play this older, 2012 game from reading a Japanese blog (What, thought I was just a no-life eroge-addicted otaku?) rating this game at “S+” while the same author rated one of my favorite games, Suzukaze no Melt, at “A+”.

While this game DID have some points of interest, it unfortunately was only decent… in specific portions too. The Foreword is getting really damn long so let’s get right onto the review.

Title: ウィッチズガーデン (Witch’s Garden)
Producers: Windmill Oasis
Release Date: November 30, 2012
VNDB Link: https://vndb.org/v8438
Getchu Link: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=727033
Game Type: Fantasy “Magic-Themed” Dating Sim

Summary: Yousuke is an outsider who recently moved to Kazashiro to live with his aunt and explore this magical wonderland that’s the craze nowadays. Apparently, something called “magic” exists in this place and both bewildered and ecstatic about his new atmosphere, Yousuke finds out that this mysterious city has events called a “Night Parade” when monsters appear and Knights and Witches are responsible for defeating them as a form of entertainment.

This game had an atmosphere similar to this game

His life starts with a beautiful girl named Ayari, who is staying at the same house that he will be living in. Along the way, he has many other friends to live this exciting lifestyle, but little does he know that his connections will soon drag him into the depths of the Truth of Kazashiro and Witches.

Magic is Never Perfect: Review of [150724] Sorcery Jokers

Foreword: And quite a while since another post from me. I’m pretty sure I said this hundreds of times already, but not many games are really in deserving of a review recently… which is my pitiful excuse for not having more posts as I should be making like a good reviewer. I’m mostly interested in nukige, finished games, and MMOs on top of my already busy schedule of work and college, so we’ll see how this blog fares for the next couple of months, yes? (I also have another review coming up; just wanted to give some time between that one and this one right now.)

Right on to this title, Sorcery Jokers. Originally interested due to someone talking about how good it was, I was also intrigued by how it was also from 3rdEye, the company I had a horrible first-impression from this game. Despite this, I was pleased to see that Aoba Ringo does have a part in this game as well (although it’s not so major), and let’s just say that I have mixed feelings for how this game turned out.

Let’s go ahead and get started then!


Title: ソーサリージョーカーズ (Sorcery Jokers)
Producers: 3rdEye
Release Date: July 24th, 2015
VNDB Link: https://vndb.org/v16337
Getchu Link: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=836703
Game Type: Fantasy Sci-Fi Novel with themes of “Magic” with philosophy of “human differences”.

Summary: Magic suddenly appeared one day, and it was startling for everyone in the world, who now had to become adapted to this new environment of magic. With groups creating utilities and tools powered by magic and schools training new, young “Casters”, it seems that magic was widely accepted… Or so everyone may think.

In reality, there are “Outcasts”, or people who possess magic power, but not authorized to use this power. These outcasts hide low from the government and other authorities as they are wanted people, and it’s never really known why these people are so oppressed compared to people like Haruto, who live his daily life fulfilled and happy when he is really nothing different than these “Outcasts”.

Of course, there are people who utilize their magic power inappropriately; some will try to oppress others using this power for their own good, and not surprising to Senri, they are often the ones who are smiling harmlessly or the most generous.

Magic… What really is it? How did it appear? Is it really the wonderful thing that everyone imagines about? Perhaps this story may change some of your viewpoints…