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Humans Live Today Possibly Dying Tomorrow: Review of [160729] Floral Flowlove

Foreword: Okay, so this review was slightly delayed because I (like I do always) completely forgot I had a 6-day work week which obviously is going to crush my playtime of galge or MMOs. Apologies in advance for the delay!

Let’s get into the review anyways. As you know, my previous games with Saga Planets (or Sagi “Scammer” Planets as some Korean players might call them xD) involved Hatsuyuki Sakura and Kisaragi Gold Star, which I believe are both written by the dreaded Nijima Yuu. It’s going to be a little different this time, with different writers and a different setting; Getchu labels this game as a 恋愛ADV (Romance Adventure) which means it’s pretty much your normal galge.

However, I should definitely mention that I’m really getting sick of all these “Romance Adventure” games that skimp out on romance the most. Don’t get the wrong idea though; story-wise, this game was extremely well planned and highly intricate, while also being fun in some portions, but as it’s advertised as a ROMANCE ADVENTURE game, I’m going to have to criticize the living daylights out of this game because the romance portion was pretty much the worst thing that this game had to offer. Like seriously. Just take out the damned romance and you have such a great game! Why ruin it, SP??

You might also be surprised to hear from me that this game was also quite depressing, at least in my opinion. I’m going to explain my reasoning for this as well as other elements that contributed to this game within the review below, so let’s begin!

In order to properly prove my points, spoilers are included in this review. Please read at your own risk! 

Title: フローラルフローラブ (Floral Flowlove)
Producers: Saga Planets
Release Date: July 29, 2016
VNDB Link: https://vndb.org/v18842
Getchu Link: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=895714
Game Type: School-life Romance Game

Summary: “I met an Angel that day”

That’s the quote that Masataka states even as he does not believe that God exists or angels for that matter, and this is already on top of how he can see white or black feathers emanating from a person’s back depending on whether or not the person has a good or bad motives. Aside from this special ability called a “Gift”, Masataka is mostly apathetic about various things and refuses to get involved with anyone, including his childhood friend Kano, her best friend Nanao, or anyone around him for that matter.

He was always searching for what happened to him in the past since he couldn’t remember anything, and for the most part, seems do not care that much. It’s not until long, however, a girl named Adelheid who seems to know something about the “accident” a long time ago that catches his attention, and he then finds the motivation to find out everything he can to learn about himself.


What Exactly are “Witches”? Review of [121130] Witch’s Garden

Foreword: Merry Christmas, Everyone! (Late Merry Christmas to the ones in Japan/Korea/other side of the Earth) Here’s a random clipart of a Christmas Tree for absolutely no reason!

Christmas Tree Clip Art_02

2 months of no activity, but that doesn’t mean I’m dead! (Yet). As many suspected, real life stuff has been crushing me quite a bit, and it’s thanks to the Winter Break season that I actually get to enjoy my hobby a bit more. I can’t apologize to my readers enough for their patience and would like to present today another quality review to make up for that.

I do have a “Look-back at 2015” post planned very soon (Will most likely publish on the 30th or 31st), so please look forward to it.

Let’s get right onto this game, Witch’s Garden. I actually received the incentive to play this older, 2012 game from reading a Japanese blog (What, thought I was just a no-life eroge-addicted otaku?) rating this game at “S+” while the same author rated one of my favorite games, Suzukaze no Melt, at “A+”.

While this game DID have some points of interest, it unfortunately was only decent… in specific portions too. The Foreword is getting really damn long so let’s get right onto the review.

Title: ウィッチズガーデン (Witch’s Garden)
Producers: Windmill Oasis
Release Date: November 30, 2012
VNDB Link: https://vndb.org/v8438
Getchu Link: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=727033
Game Type: Fantasy “Magic-Themed” Dating Sim

Summary: Yousuke is an outsider who recently moved to Kazashiro to live with his aunt and explore this magical wonderland that’s the craze nowadays. Apparently, something called “magic” exists in this place and both bewildered and ecstatic about his new atmosphere, Yousuke finds out that this mysterious city has events called a “Night Parade” when monsters appear and Knights and Witches are responsible for defeating them as a form of entertainment.

This game had an atmosphere similar to this game

His life starts with a beautiful girl named Ayari, who is staying at the same house that he will be living in. Along the way, he has many other friends to live this exciting lifestyle, but little does he know that his connections will soon drag him into the depths of the Truth of Kazashiro and Witches.