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I only look towards you: Review of [151127] Bokuha kimi dakewo mitsumeru (Remake)

Foreword: For the person who expected an Astral Air Review, apologies!

Now that formal apologies are out of the way (lolsorrynotsorry), let’s get to this title, titled “Boku ha kimi dake wo mitsumeru”, which is from a company called Inre that you might know from ChuShinGura series. With a bit more expectation, I approached this title and found it to be fairly decent, but also lacking in a couple of places that I hope to discuss in the review. In general, both the story and character design was nicely done, but something was missing with both of them, making this game fall a bit.

Though on the other hand, there are action scenes within this game that display “movements” (no E-mote) via transition of images, really amplifying the “visual” elements. This was a nice thing I hope to also discuss further down below.

The surprising thing about this game is that it’s actually a remake! I did not realize this until I checked Getchu and VNDB and found that it was indeed a remake of an older unofficial title that was released almost 10 years ago with a different artist. They even changed the character design of a couple of them (e.g. Ria), which was quite interesting.


Title: 僕はキミだけを見つめる (Boku ha kimi dake wo mitsumeru) [Lit Trans: I only look towards you]
Producers: Inre
Release Date: August 13, 2006 (Original), November 27, 2015 (Remake)
VNDB Link: https://vndb.org/v9736
Getchu Link: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=861645
Game Type: Kinetic Romance Novel with various themes

Summary: Takumi was once a fierce leader of the Sabel Tigers who were a group of young men dedicating themselves to justice. They even captured and punished a serial rapist named Killer Joe and were even deemed more capable than even the police. However, half a year has passed since “that incident” that tore up the group and left Takumi alone and at risk of being killed. He lives alone in an abandoned building with nothing to hope for and nothing to do.

It’s then when he receives a message from someone named Shion who seems to know a lot about his past. She seems to have a job for him, which was something he needed as he was getting very low on money. This starts him on the chain of fate that leads him to a girl named Towa and changes his life forever.

These two subcharacters appear in the beginning scenes to “direct” Takumi to Towa, and aren’t considered heroines

Review of [120928]Ryuuyoku no Melodia

Foreword: Yet another one that I finished within the month of release! I know it’s slow, but I hope you can go easy on me since I’m a college student, and I only have so much time I can spend on VNs in the first place ._.;;


Title: 竜翼のメロディア -Diva with the blessed dragonol- (Ryuuyoku no Melodia, lit. trans, melodia of the dragon wing)
Producers: Whirlpool
Release Date: September 28th, 2012
VNDB Link: http://vndb.org/v10244
Game Type: Novel

Summary: A place where music is the ultimate form of power… melody becomes the only source of  true happiness and success…

Ryuto spends his days blissfully, going to school and coming back to enjoy the crowded streets filled with girls… In fact, he claims this is his driving force. His continuous pursuit of girls is certainly commendable, and somewhat… pitiful as well.

However, all this changes when he hits on a beautiful girl. Quite surprisingly, she accepts Ryuto’s invitation to spend time with him, and say that they’ll meet again in the future. As the two spend more time with each other, Ryuto starts to hold affection for this girl, who turns out to be the princess for the kingdom! Furthermore, she transfers into the music school that he attends. With 5 heroines around him, Ryuto slowly, but surely, reveals the ancient secrets of the kingdom, as well as secrets within himself that no one knew about.

Story Length: Moderate (25 hours)
Complete Story Clearing Difficulty: Moderately Easy.
Comments: Note that there are two main characters, Flora and Mel. These two have a path of their own while the other three characters are placed in a different path. In either cases, it is obvious where the split point is, so no need for detailed walkthroughs.

Character Design Rating: 7/10
Story Rating: 6/10
Game Quality: Moderate
Overall Rating: 6/10
Rating Comments: Ouch… story rating fell quite a bit because it lacked a variety in plotline. While the story had great impact with the musical themes, as each of the routes were focused so much on it, there were not much “story” that could be created within these conditions. Additionally, the plot was very predictable, so a few points were deducted for that. Nonetheless, you find that each character is attractive in their own way, and one can definitely place this game within the ‘more superior’ pile. Good work, Whirlpool!!

The siblings playing music together ^^ Don’t you wish you had a sibling like this?

Sexual Content: Moderate

Comments: Trust me on this. If you want music, this is a good place to get them. The game ALONE has 5 insert songs (NOT OP or Closing Songs), and each song is complimented by a stunningly beautiful artwork.

Affection for the Characters: Moderately High

CG Quality: Moderate. I was very disappointed that Mamizou-sensei didn’t do any of the CG… Mamizou-sensei is a professional at drawing cute-loli style that is shown in works like Lunaris Filia or Neko Koi. This game actually had a large amount of SDCG (Super-deformed CG), which was aimed mostly to create humor within the game, but it was used expertly to also help the reader imagine the scene.
Music Quality: Highly Superior. What can you expect? this game itself has a musical theme xD. Well, I’m not sure about Floria’s CV, but Mel’s CV is Sakikabara Yui, who has an AWESOME moe-voice and is also a very talented singer. She sings MANY openings to Visual Novels, and even voices nearly hundreds of characters as well.

Arguably the most powerful CG I’ve seen in for several months. Simply the atmosphere and the character expression is enough to tell that this is from a very serious scene. For the reference, this CG is accompanied by a song called “Blaze On”, which is a very good song. As the title implies, it gets your adrenaline rushing. If you look at this CG another way though, it seems like Mel and Floria are powerful magicians O_O

Addictiveness: Low. Great story, but it doesn’t have that factor where the reader would come back for the story. In a sense, it lacked depth like other Whirlpool’s games, like Suzukaze no Melt