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Flying is the Best! Review of [131220] Magicalic Sky High

Foreword: I feel so dumb… I had this review all planned out, written, and just needed to add screenshots, and I completely forgot to do that and publish this review OTL

So there goes my New Year’s Resolution in just 4 days… *sigh*

Being depressed won’t help anything, though, so let’s get on with the review!
A surprisingly decent Whirlpool game, I’ll have to admit that for some reason, this game was more superior to the previous games I’ve seen from Whirlpool before (like Usomeru). Finding this strange, I decided to check Getchu and BAM! Daisangen “大三元” is one of the scenario writers. If anyone forgot already, Daisangen also wrote the scenario for Ryuuyoku and Suzukaze, both decent (scratch that… the latter is a kamige) titles from the same company, Whirlpool.

Along with Mamizou’s loli-like character design (although there was another artist), I enjoyed this game quite a bit… … … only its beginning parts though.

Turns out, this game starts well like any other games, but seem to lose track of the overall flow of the story line. The theme of “flying” is intact, but many of the routes are your cliche Whirlpool-style story.

Title: まじかりっく⇔スカイハイ ~空飛ぶホウキに想いをのせて~ (Magicalic Sky High ~ soratobu houki ni omoiwo nosete) [Lit. Trans: Putting your feelings on a sky-flying broom]
Producers: Whirlpool
Release Date: December 20, 2013
VNDB Link: http://vndb.org/v12983
Getchu Link: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=782499
Game Type: Fantasy Romance Novel with themes of Magic and Flying

Summary: Hayato is really bad with magic, but he’s very good at one type of magic: Flying.

Second to none when it comes to flying around on a broom, he even boasts that he won several contests involving flying, and as expected from any other superior talent, he enjoys it greatly.
This is why, even after his homeroom teacher warned him about the disruption of the magical field near the forest, his attitude was “Challenge Accepted” and immediately flew out to the very area that was supposed to be dangerous.

Karma then comes into play, and Hayato is put to shame–he loses control and falls into the forest, luckily saved by the trees before he hit the ground; saving more than just a few hundred bones in his body.
Looking around, Hayato realizes the horrible truth that his favorite broom is broken in the process, and he is now trapped in a strange ruin located far beneath the forest floor. On an altar in front of him, there is…

A broom! Shining in the moonlight.
Seemingly oblivious to this situation, Hayato mindlessly pulls out the strange broom from the strange ruin, just so he can float back up to the surface and get back home. He does, however, notice that on his way back, he doesn’t lose control of his flight as he did a few minutes ago, and finds that his new broom is very efficient… MUCH better than his old one.

It would only be a matter of time until chaos arises, the MS-condition appears, and Hayato is the only one who can fly with his strange broom. He will be hated and hunted down by people who desire to have this magic item for themselves.

Hayato’s childhood friend, Yurika! For the reference, this is a scene where Yurika stands in front of Hayato’s “crash site”… I don’t think I really need to explain this scene any further xD


Taking Care of a “Child of a Goddess!” Review of [131129] Wagaya no Himegamisama

Foreword: Happy New Years, everyone! Just as with all new year’s resolutions, I make one today that I’ll spend more time playing VNs and writing more quality reviews for them! :D

Psh, yeah. I wish.

Despite being on Winter break for another 3 weeks, I’m still not getting done with the titles I want to finish. Just by giving up a large majority of chara-ge, I’m somehow catching up to some of the older ones, and with the help of various individuals within the eroge community (Yes, I’m talking about you guys in Anime-Sharing and gangrelion!), I’m ever-so-slowly becoming more and more knowledgeable about games and how to properly review them.

Today, somewhat complimentary to my above-stated New Year’s Resolution, I’d like to perhaps make two reviews. Will I get to 3? … … … Probably not.

Chatting aside, we have, quite unfortunately, another inferior Chuablesoft game. As I’ll say with Chuable’s games, it seems that the ones with the brown logo that says “Medicine for your Mind” is somehow greatly better than the ones with a pink logo (you’ll know what I’m talking about).

Having played Astraythem, Love la Bride, Himegami, and now also working on Sweet Robin Girl, my pattern shows correctly. Let’s see if I can pull off a good review with this title, though.

Title: 我が家のヒメガミさまっ!
Producers: ChuableSoft
Release Date: November 29, 2013
VNDB Link: http://vndb.org/v12981
Getchu Link: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=779720
Game Type: Slice of Life novel with themes of History

Summary: Takaya finds himself dazing around with his childhood friend, Kei’s, company at the summer festival. She was telling him that the weather has been getting bad, and since she’s afraid of thunders, she’ll be heading home first.

Takaya decides he wants to stay a little more, and head behind the shrine to a very old tree that is representative of the goddess who is served by this town. Rain starts falling, and having no shelter except for the tree, it is only a matter of time as a lightning strikes the very tree that stood tall for hundreds of years (for the reference, you should NEVER stand next to a tree during a lightning storm. I guess Takaya lacked that knowledge)

As the old tree groans and falls over, Takaya realizes that the tree is hollow, and inside is a small girl who lies in the rain, naked and shivering. While he doesn’t believe in gods, Takaya feels sympathy for the girl and brings him back to his house (much to the surprise of his childhood friend who visits him the next day), and it is soon reported that this child may be the goddess that generations of people have been serving for thousands of years.

Seeing how close the child and Takaya get in just a couple of days, the town’s greatest officials decide it may be best to let the goddess do as she pleases. Takaya, who is not motivated by anything, reluctantly accepts his fate as he sees the smile of the child and how much it comforts him.

… Until he is then ordered to also allow two more girls to live with him, to support the raising and protection of the goddess; Shiori (his classmate and the miko to the shrine), and Tsubaki (his upperclassman and a skilled swordswoman).


Strong Desire makes Wishes come True: Review of [131129]Amatarasu Riddle Star

Foreword: So… When this game was announced, I was pretty excited. I mean… It’s going to be the artwork of 2-G and Syroh for goodness sake! Perhaps I got my hopes too high, since this was (in my opinion) another chara-ge.

Despite this, I didn’t find the entirety of the game to be too boring. As with all softhouse-seal games, there’s a certain element that I can’t quite pinpoint that makes the characters all lovable–a pretty damn rare trait in games nowadays…

While I can’t explicitly state what that element is, perhaps reading my review might help you (the reader) what it might be.

So here goes the review of Amatarasu Riddle Star!

Title: あまたらすリドルスター (Amatarasu Riddle Star) [For the reference, it doesn’t seem to be “Little”; it’s “Riddle”.
Producers: Seal-Qualia
Release Date: November 29, 2013
VNDB Link: http://vndb.org/v12992
Getchu Link: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=779657
Game Type: Romance Novel revolving around themes of Wishes and Strong Desire

Here’s a rhyme for you, Yua…
Roses are red, Grass is green
I want you in my bed
If you know what I mean ;)

Summary: Takaya is a normal student who finds his life extremely boring. Ironically, he was actually quite the opposite during his childhood, when he would often fantasize about various things, from the bunny on the moon to the locked-up princess in the castle. Regardless of what his fantasies were, he realized a while ago that these were fake; something that can’t happen in reality.

This is why he became a cynical idiot he is right now, and he would rather enjoy his books in silence, not make friends, with the occasional invite from his childhood friend Yua, to go stargazing.

One day, while during these “nighttime picnics”, Yua will urge Takaya to make a wish on a shooting star. As Takaya wishes “Please make my life more interesting”, a huge number of shooting stars start to fall, landing all over the town. Panicking, Takaya decide it is best to return home, but not until he spies a white-haired girl who seems to have bunny ears, a large griffon who chases after them, and a headless maid who throws her head at them.

In a sense, this couple looks like siblings instead… =,.=;;