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Fine Arts of Innocence! Review of [140228] Innocent Girl

Foreword: Righto! Second review before I go back to schoolwork. While falling quite behind of the previous title I finished, Innocent Girl was still an enjoyable game. With the same setting as “Pure Girl”, some people might call this the sequel, since it makes several references back to the previous title.

A game that I hesitate even labeling a “nukige”, the sexual content in this game was definitely high (7 full H-scenes for each character). Despite this, there was drama, theme for each characters, and even a distinct conflict. Obviously, comedy seems to overtake all of the former elements (…), but that’s the same atmosphere created in “Pure Girl” anyways so…

In the end, I wasn’t too fond of this game. Perhaps it was because I experienced such a nice title before this one. Perhaps I had my expectations up from the previous Frontwing game. Nonetheless, that explains why I took so long to finish Innocent Girl.

Title: イノセントガール (Innocent Girl)
Producers: Front Wing
Release Date: February 28, 2014
VNDB Link: http://vndb.org/v13223
Getchu Link: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=782220
Game Type: Light-hearted comedy game with themes of “fine arts”

Summary: Wataru falls on his knees. He starts to cry. “Please stop…” he mutters… “PLEASE! JUST LET ME DIE!!” He screams. In his mind, he starts to wonder why his sudden transfer to an art school and “Dream House” caused such a mess. It all began when his parents “abandoned” him…

Despite how dramatically the above sounds, it’s actually because Wataru was a poem writer. Using the name “Hoshizaki Kiraru”, he wrote many poems that he now considers embarrassing, and with his transfer, originally decided to put that all in the “black box of the past”.

However, he will be reminded of this trauma, in front of four girls: his classmate Kagari, imouto Hinako, childhood friend Konoka, and a professional writer Kanae.
With his embarrassing past completely exposed, Wataru doesn’t know how to react. However, despite the cold looks he receives from the people around him, perhaps he can recover. Perhaps he can regain the “innocence” that he held when he wrote those poems, and use his skills to help the girls around him.

Uhm… Hinako, your eyes are scary O_O;;