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Review of [100226]Magicarat☆Radiant

Foreword: Another Parasol game! As everyone should know, Parasol’s artwork is unique in the sense that all its characters have a “loli touch” to them, making it a favorite for pedophiles lolicon like myself.  Despite this, I wasn’t too pleased with the entire game itself. Of course, all of this will be explained in detail below.

Title: まじからっと☆れいでぃあんと
Producers: Parasol
Release Date: February 26, 2010
VNDB Link: http://vndb.org/v3345
Game Type: Novel

Summary: Hiroaki is a part of the disciplinary committee, and is always abused by his upperclassman Fubuki. Despite this, he loves his peaceful life where his childhood friend Akina wakes him up every morning. One day, while walking down the street after a malicious rumor that someone was messing with the Kamaki, the Holy Tree in the Shrine, Hiroaki accidentally bumps into a girl, and plasters her with the ice cream he was holding. The girl immediately faints, and Hiroaki (panicking) carries her to the school infirmary.

Soon, the two magicians who appear in this town will transform Hiroaki’s dull everyday life into a more colorful one.

Did I say Colorful?

Story Length: Moderate (25 hours)
Complete Story Clearing Difficulty: Easy
Comments: It seems that you can only have 3 heroines in one “split”, so you may have to play this game from the beginning twice. (There are four heroines). Other than that, if you have already played Parasol’s other games, this one isn’t any different in terms of character routes.

Character Design Rating: 6/10
Story Rating: 5/10
Game Quality: Moderately low
Overall Rating: 5/10
Rating Comments: Well, most of Parasol’s character design comes from the loli artwork, and that’s it. I also don’t appreciate Goto Mai (one of my favorite CVs) to be assigned to a sub-character >:|
With my bias aside, it seems that Only Risheru (? I don’t know how to spell her name in Romanji) had a “decent route” where Hiroaki performs more dramatic actions (and thus has more quality plot). I loved Risheru’s route, but the others essentially sucked.

A Man’s Dream: Pool with several other girls when you’re the only guy around, lol

Sexual Content: Moderate

Comments: For some reason, this kind of games are rather cliche, and awfully easy to predict. After playing VNs for over 4 years, one actually gets bored of the same old storylines that involve a protagonist getting his “peaceful life shattered by bishoujo”… Which really doesn’t make sense. I mean, if any of us were placed in that situation, we’d all be jumping for joy.

I also realized that in this game, the story elements were placed deceitfully conveniently, so that the story seems to “flow” without the reader noticing some of the holes in the plot. I caught these “holes”, and challenge the readers to find them as well. Of course, this is why the story rating is a lot lower.


Affection for the Characters: Low

CG Quality: Moderate.
Music Quality: Low. Not many good BGMs, and the insert songs are pretty dull.

I also noticed that for all Parasol games, they always refuse to be more descriptive of the protagonist…

Addictiveness: Low

Conclusion: Your normal “loli-bishoujo” game by Parasol. Good only if you enjoy Parasol’s Character Design, but definitely not worth it if you don’t.