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The Future for Vampires: Review of [120330] Dracu-Riot!

Foreword: Alright, who’s the derphead who told me this game was the best Yuzusoft game? YOU LIED TO ME.

Yeah, so after having played a couple of Yuzusoft’s games, I got my hands on what was said to be the “best” of Yuzusoft games, but…

Nope, it didn’t turn out good.
In retrospect, the beginning is indeed very good, and even the flow throughout is excellent. It’s just that like all the other typical charage out there, it loses its focus and in the majority of routes, rushes the romance between the characters, then in the end, uses a very convenient mechanism to solve the conflict that’s at hand.

I’ll try to get to both this game’s goods and bads. Scroll down for the review for Dracu Riot.


Title: Dracu-riot
Producers: Yuzusoft
Release Date: March 30, 2012
VNDB Link: https://vndb.org/v8213
Getchu Link: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=725093
Game Type: Fantasy Mystery Novel with themes of Vampires

Summary: Yuuto and his friend is traveling to the famous “Aqua Eden”, well known for its Las Vegas-like conditions (pretty sure that’s where the authors themselves got the setting from, too), after winning a travel ticket from sheer luck. Both of them are excited to experience this mystical land, with each of them their own reasons.

As they arrive, they realize that without a tour guide, they’re pretty much lost. Finally asking a random girl for help, the kind girl who introduces herself as Miu leads them to the “prostitution” store they (well, not for Yuuto, since he didn’t have enough money) were looking for, but after she departs, they soon hear her scream off in the distance.

Yuuto thinks fast and follows the car that kidnaps their temporary tour guide and end up at a storage near the port. Unfortunately for him, his plan to save the girl is foiled with one of the kidnappers noticing he was there. Now with his life destined to end, the girl who is tied next to him looks at his face and says

“I won’t let you die”

Wow! So cool!