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Criminally Heartwarming: [Various] Yorunohitsuji’s Loliita Series + Extras

Foreword: One of the major reasons why I’m so headstrong on trying out doujin titles (even if they’re made with engines like RPGVX) is because while it provides the new environment of a different engine (aside from the ADV we’re used to seeing with VNs), some also provide gameplay which entertains me for a while or as with this particular series, it’s very thought-provoking.

With my bias for lolita aside, these titles are extremely well made (as you can see one of the titles not containing that niche element). The reason being that the writers were able to keep most things like the environment simple, but make the character themselves much more complex. As I’ll discuss in the main body of the review, this is really how games should be written and created, so I actually feel bad right now I’m lumping all of these 5 titles into one (4 plus a sequel); it almost feels like I’m disrespecting the game which is the last thing I want to do.

There is one more game from this doujin group. The problem is that title is MUCH darker and is actually an NTR title, making it somewhat unfitting to be placed in this review.


  • ゆびきり婚約ロリータ (Pinky-promise engagement Lolita)
  • お泊り恋人ロリータ (Sleep-over lover Lolita)
  • 相思相愛ロリータ+生活 (Love each other Lolita + Living together)
  • 彼女、甘い彼女 (Girlfriend, sweet girlfriend)

Producer: 夜のひつじ
Getchu Link: http://www.getchu.com/php/search.phtml?search_brand_id=74929
Game Type: Reality-set kinetic novel revolving around stigma of “lolita”  and socialism

General Explanation: Each title is actually quite short and thus giving a summary would essentially spoil the game. While the last title do not follow the same theme of “lolita”, it is well made, displaying an ideal form of romantic relationships as well as displaying some sociology viewpoints. Each of the other titles displays a young man in his 20s coincidentally meeting a young girl and after interacting for a bit they find something within each other which allows them to fall in love.

Mako from the first series, and also the only one currently with a sequel


The Incarnation of the Poem of Sakura [151023]Sakura no Uta


Okay DAMN. People said this game was good but I did NOT know it was going to be THIS good. Well, only parts of it.

This title’s definitely on kamige level, but it’s really unfortunate that I can’t really say it’s a kamige because of a couple of reasons. Despite this, I wouldn’t hesitate to call this one of the most impactful games out there and MAN it really left a big impression on me. More like, why didn’t I hear about this title before? The all ages trial was from 2008! Ya’ll need to make recommendations like this more often because I often find myself missing them. Though to be fair on the other hand, most of my bias for this game comes from the fact I love seeing philosophy in galge/eroge in general. It really gives me a lot of “shower thoughts” that I can ponder about for the next few days.

While I’m going to be praising this game for the most part, it isn’t without flaws. I’m going to point out some major kinks that this game had that makes it awfully awkward in some areas and may be more of a turnoff. I think Sakura no Uta would be a great example of how a lot of amateur players scream is the best game ever, and completely ignore said fatal flaws, lol.

This review will contain minor spoilers and analysis of the game! Please only consider reading this review if you didn’t really understand the game or have already played it!

Title: サクラノ詩-櫻の森の上を舞う- Sakura no Uta -Sakura no morino uewomau- [Lit. Trans: The Poem of Sakura – Dancing above the Forest of Sakura-]
Producers: makura
Release Date: Trial released in 2008, Official Release in October 23, 2015
VNDB Link: https://vndb.org/v562
Getchu Link: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=44121
Game Type: Philosophical Poetic Novel with Slice of Life Themes

Summary: Naoya’s father died, who was his last blood relative. With no other family left on this planet, Naoya also refuses his father’s inheritance of 150 million en (Roughly 1.5 million USD) and now penniless, he somehow still finds the leisure to mess around with his friend Kei. However, as the funeral in the forest of cherry blossoms end, Kei’s older sister Ai invites Naoya to live with them in return for making meals at their house, which Naoya agrees to.

It’s been so long since that unfortunate accident 6 years ago that left Naoya, a world-famous artist himself, refusing to draw again. Now with the innocent childhood friends all grown up, Naoya must move on from the death of his relatives and live his own life with the relationships that he has. However, little will he know that he’ll be the center of even more; more pain and suffering for the people around him. He’ll never understand until much later how much of an influence he holds as the son of the World-Famous Artist.

What is mind? No matter
What is matter? Never Mind.

What are Girls made of? Review of [070928] Sugar + Spice

Foreword: Well, this game’s from Chuablesoft, a company that I find very favorable for creating thought-provoking and sometimes philosophical games. I couldn’t resist myself as a friend suggested this title to me, and decided to play it over the spring break.

Sugar + Spice, or shortened to “Shugaspa” (しゅがすぱ) was actually a rather inferior game. Note that from Chuablesoft, I’ve played 5 games: Astraythem, Sweet Robin Girl, Wagaya Himegami, Love La Bride, and this title. Having played those titles, I would rate “Astraythem” to be the best game out of all 5.

The prime reason I rate this game as “inferior” is because it felt as if this game was incomplete. The beginning starts out strong, but gets weaker as the game goes along, and the fact that “complex game elements” (which I’ll get to in a bit) made the game a bit more tedious than it should’ve been was not a good factor. The game also throws out some of its most important elements in most of the routes, such as its theme “Sugar and Spice”.

Nonetheless, it’s still better than some of the more recent Chuablesoft titles so I don’t think I can complain too much…

Title: Sugar + Spice
Producers: ChuableSoft
Release Date: September 28, 2007
VNDB Link: http://vndb.org/v421
Getchu Link: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=385845
Game Type: Romance Novel revolving around an amnesic protagonist

Summary: “Who are you?” Are the first words that the protagonist hears when he wakes up. He is facing someone who looks like a doctor–wearing a white gown and looking at him with sharp eyes.

For a moment, the protagonist doesn’t remember anything. His name, his relationships, and his past. All he knows is his Japanese, which at least allows him to speak with the person in front of him, who claims that he is suffering from a strange variation of amnesia, where his basic survival knowledge is kept intact, but his memories are “sealed” away by a trauma–as if he didn’t want to remember it.

Sending him back to the waiting room shows that a person named “Aya” calls him “Ma-kun” and tells him about his past, like the fact that his name is “Kazuma”, and his parents are overseas studying architecture.

As Kazuma struggles to adjust to the environment he’s placed in, he will encounter 5 girls he becomes very close to: Uta, a strange girl who seems to lie all the time; Yumeji, a calm and well-behaved girl; Haneru, an athletic and bright girl; Ai, Kazuma’s childhood friend who is extremely intelligent; and a transfer student named Tsukasa, who becomes close to Kazuma since she becomes his next door neighbor.

Sleepover with the next-door neighbor…