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I wanna be your number One! Review of [130927]Ichibanjanakya damedesuka?

Foreword: Okay, I lied. I’m sorry TT_TT;; I was really tired from the continuous exams + speech + a report that I had to finish literally back to back, and I had a really bad headache for the past few days (along with the fact that I didn’t get too much sleep)… I’ll make sure I put in extra effort (?) for this review though!

My first game from Rosebleu, I actually had high expectations because of its description that sounded like there was going to be some good drama in the story. In addition to the fact that a friend of mine is a huge fan of Rosebleu, I guess I had my expectations TOO high…

Yeah, it didn’t turn out well.

Turns out, the summary is wrong on vndb.org (why am I not surprised?), and this is actually a slightly inferior game. The only “good points” was that some of the characters were “deredere” to the point of comedy, but aside from all that, this was your typical “harem” game without the actual harem ending. I think I would have some explaining to do, which I’ll get to very soon.

Title: 一番じゃなきゃダメですかっ? (Ichiban janakya damedesuka?) [Lit. Trans: Must I be First?]
Producers: Rosebleu
Release Date: September 27, 2013
VNDB Link: http://vndb.org/v12479
Getchu Link: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=771496
Game Type: Comedy Novel with weak theme of family

Summary: Today is Shou’s moving day, and nervous about the people he’ll be living with for who-knows-how-long, he takes it upon himself to do an panties-fortune telling. Naturally, that doesn’t work out, and he arrives at the destination with his non-blood related sister (and childhood friend) Hisui.

However, there seems to been some misunderstanding. This apartment called “Ittokikan” (roughly translates into “one-time apartment”) is actually meant to be a girls only apartment due to its residents having some bad relationship with their male sibling. Despite this, all of the residents except for the manager, Ruri, finds Shou acceptable and a person who they can trust. In order to convince Ruri that he is a reliable and honest person, they now decide to have a swimming match… However, Ruri is the ace of the swim team…


New Life in a different Country: Review of [130726]Otome Riron

Foreword: Finally completed! As a sequel to Tsuki yori, which was Navel’s 10th anniversary game, Otome Riron APPARENTLY follows the game’s bad route, where Yuusei is found out to be a crossdresser and expelled from the Sakurakouji Household. (I say apparently because I never really saw the bad route myself, but agree that such a “bad route” is completely plausible).

Pretty similar to its predecessor, there was a HUGE difference in quality between routes, and despite me having a relatively favorable review for this title, you may also see a lot of rants as well.

Set in Paris, the game DID have an element where it “automatically translates” every word that the Europeans say into Japanese. With the setting that Yuusei (Asahi) was multilingual, some characters were fluent with some languages, but not in others. This may create some confusion if you don’t understand the settings of each character.

As a final note, “Ecole de” apparently means “of relating to School”, so the Ecole de Paris means “School of Paris”.

Title: 乙女理論とその周辺 – Ecole de Paris- (Otome Riron to sono shuuhen) [Lit Trans. Maiden’s Logic and its surroundings]
Producers: Navel
Release Date:
VNDB Link: http://vndb.org/v12246
Getchu Link: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=768379
Game Type: Slice of Life Novel

Summary: Yuusei is kicked out of the Sakurakouji household by Yamabuki (the head Maid), after they had an accident in the bathroom. As he was wondering around the streets, Yuusei is saved by his older brother Ion, who takes him in his care as a chef in his house. While extremely grateful, Yuusei still spends his days without smiling, and this concerns the cold-hearted older brother, who takes him back to Japan thinking Yuusei would smile again.

Living in guilt, Yuusei continuously fears relationships with everyone, including his younger sister, because he has ruined everything with a simple mistake of falling asleep in the bathroom. However, this younger sister Risona soon makes an offer to Yuusei that he cannot resist; to transfer to Paris and attend the Philia Academy there.

However, reality isn’t as sweet as the siblings would expect; Risona is immediately subjugated to bullying, and being soon found out that Ion also found out about the sibling’s escape, they will have nowhere to hide.

Story Length: Moderately Short (20 hours)
Complete Story Clearing Difficulty: Easy
Comments: 3 Heroines, consisting of Risona, Bruette, and Meril. The prequel’s cast makes a brief appearance in some of the scenes, but they’re pretty much insignificant otherwise.

Character Design Rating: 6/10
Story Rating: 5/10
Game Quality: Moderate
Overall Rating: 5/10
Rating Comments: Don’t get me wrong with these ratings. I’ll say this here right now: Risona’s route was absolutely one of the best stories I’ve ever seen!! Despite this, Meril’s route and Bruette’s route simply killed everything. One can probably argue that I may have had a personal bias towards “deredere imouto” characters, but take my word on this one: Risona’s route is awesome, and is seriously comparable to even Luna’s route of the original game.

Otherwise, it’s possible to see that while Risona’s route is fairly long compared to other stories, Meril’s route was far shorter, and Bruette’s route was pretty much nonexistent. But no need for me to tell you what routes I enjoyed; I think the character summary will do just fine.

Character Summary:

Let’s start out with Risona, arguably my favorite character who was the main character of a series of stories I found to be immensely thought-provoking.

Originally a hikkikomori (Someone who refuses to physically go outside due to reasons), Risona’s identity was only found online in games, as well as between Luna. However, this character is the one who suggests Yuusei transfer to Paris despite her discomforts; it’s seen that she is still in love with her older brother, and wished for him to be happy.

This is why she says “He (Yuusei) will never be able to smile genuinely if he is by your (Ion) side!”, to her powerful oldest brother. From the very beginning scenes, the reader can see that Risona is a character with lots of ethics, morals, and kindness; she just has trouble expressing them.

Risona is the main heroine for this game, and seeing how her route was over two times as long as Meril’s (and at least four times the length of Bruette’s), other elements show that Navel put most effort into this character. Bullied almost immediately upon her arrival, this character is seen smiling despite her circumstances, and her continuous “shy” aggressive approaches to her older brother makes this character extremely adorable. She would continuously invite Yuusei to marry her or kiss her, but if he actually tries to do it, she chickens out then falls in self-hatred for not being able to accept the affection from her older brother. The beginning scenes, I think, with only Risona as an active heroine, the game tries to increase the affection for this character as high as possible.

Despite having no talent in both designing or patterning (actually sewing or creating the outfit according to the design), Risona soon loses her motivation in the France’s Philia School. Originally wishing for her older brother’s education, Risona spends her time completing the coursework with minimum effort, until Yuusei secretly uses Risona’s own design to create a coat for her. This action, which I cannot express merely in simple words, is so beautiful, that the poor girl who doubts everyone including herself bursts into tears.

As Risona is soon exposed to even greater levels of bullying, the siblings will realize that they cannot trust anyone around them. Despite this, Yuusei swears to protect her; his loyalty switches from Luna to Risona. Meanwhile, back at the Okura family, problems start to arise…

Meril’s is next. With CV being Oto Agumi, I was pretty much fanboy-ing this character, but soon lost all of that after I found out how boring her route was.

Nonetheless, Meril is a countryside girl who is abnormally skilled with both designing and patterning. Her skills initially attract great jealousy from various people around her, who tries to take advantage of her. However, being the pure girl she is, Meril has no knowledge of society or taboos, and is seen to not understand anything even in certain situations (such as Kaka making sexual jokes or selling her handmade premium-quality clothes for giveaway prices).

A very nice character design regarding this character, but I found the H-scenes to be extremely unsatisfying. I also felt as if Oto Agumi’s voice wasn’t expressed to the fullest extent, but that’s probably my own bias anyways. Story was also pretty crappy, and was one of those “Everything-hidden-in-the-past-suddenly-pops-up” elements that I pretty much hate with a passion. Predictable elements wasn’t a plus either.

Finally, it seems that this character has some form of relationship to the Okura family…

Last we have Bruette. As the master and a childhood friend of Meril, Bruette’s bright and cheerful personality helps her easily get close to people like Yuusei or Risona.

Despite her family’s powers being as strong as the Okura family, Bruette pays little to no attention to her family name, and often acts childishly or selfishly. All of the routes involve her fighting with her parents in some sense, and “ranting” to either Yuusei or Meril.

Skilled with neither designing nor patterning, Bruette’s attendance of the Philia Academy is similar to Risona’s; provide an environment for learning for her good friend Meril. It is explicitly stated that her parents are not too fond of Meril in the first place, and this is the element that creates the most conflict between them.

It is soon shown that Bruette is actually romantically interested in Meril, and Meril had repeatedly rejected this form of affection. It has gotten so serious that Bruette started to assault Meril, and sniff her belongings. The reader will soon see that this affection switches to someone else when Bruette learns of a certain secret.

Resona crying after she receives a priceless gift from Yuusei

Sexual Content: Low

Comments: So yeah. Don’t even bother going through Meril’s or Bruette’s route unless you’re a perfectionist like me. Two crappy routes vs. One really good one… The rating might suck, but that’s really for the entire game, so please don’t hate Risona’s route because of me.

Incidentally, did you notice that the game presents Risona’s name as “Resona”? After Resona finds her interest in clothesmaking, she mentions that she wants to make a store named “Resonance”. Props if you see why this is symbolic x3

In addition to symbolism, I saw a lot of foreshadowing in this game. Navel does a really good job at writing scenario in general, and I really think that’s because they use a lot of literary elements such as symbolism, foreshadow, and irony. You don’t see a lot of this in other games, either…

Affection for the Characters: Moderate

CG Quality: Moderate
Music Quality: Very Good

Despite having only one “good” route, that one particular route is REALLY good. Even if you haven’t played the prequel, I would strongly suggest playing Resona’s route, because it explains every little bit of the storyline very clearly.

Addictiveness: Moderate

Conclusion: A very nice sequel to the Tsuki yori game, ONLY if you really play Resona’s route. Otherwise, you might as well play some of the better releases because the routes for the other two heroine frankly sucks.

On the other hand, I’ll be replaying Tsuki yori, since it has Yuusei’s voice now, as well as the Afterstory patch Append. Toodles~!

Twin Paradise! Review of [121130]Kurano-kunchi no Futago Jijou

Foreword: Bleh… Sorry I’ve been getting real slow with VNs. This one I took long to finish not because it was good, but because it was so bad, that I simply thought I’d be able to be more productive playing an MMO instead (LOL)

It’s really strange how Getchu’s “the Best Game” label works, because in my honest opinion, this game ranks pretty damn low even in the ranks of a nukige. Yes, it has a story even for its harem route, but even that was pretty unsatisfactory, and it really doesn’t help that each individual character routes were pretty crappy as well.

On the bright side, over 50+ games released, and I’ve managed to narrow down what I want to play to 7 titles. It’s funny how I ALWAYS say “I’m only going to choose 3-4 this time…!” then I go about and become a housewife in a time sale.

Back to this particular title, I skipped all of the H-scenes just to finish this game as fast as possible. Here goes my criticisms for Futago Jijou.

Title: 倉野くんちのふたご事情 (Kurano kunchi no futago jijou) [Lit. Trans: The Twin Situation of the Kurano family]
Producers: Cube
Release Date: November 30, 2011
VNDB Link: http://vndb.org/v10793
Getchu Link: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=748171
Game Type: Nukige Harem Novel

Summary: Kazuya’s family is a very unique one, in the sense that there are three sets of twins totaling up to an 8-member family. The oldest are Izumi and Mikoto, followed by Kazuya and Tomoka, and Yae as well as Emma are the youngest. The family does get along to a certain extent, but one day, a fight occurs between the parents, and Kazuya’s mother demands a divorce! She also wants the custody of Kazuya, and the 5 sisters all loving him very much, do not want to separate with him. However, Kazuya’s mother restricts him to choose one sibling to stay with, while she leaves on a quest to find a new place to stay. If that wasn’t enough, it seems as if the hetare dad is also going through with the divorce, and leaves on a “soul-searching” trip of his own.

Story Length: Moderately Short (20 hours)
Complete Story Clearing Difficulty: Very Easy
Comments: THREE sets of twins, which means that from the very beginning split in the story, there will be a division.

Character Design Rating: 4/10
Story Rating: 2/10
Game Quality: Low
Overall Rating: 2/10
Rating Comments: An extremely inferior game by Cube, I’m very disappointed, because Cube is known for one of my all-time favorite titles “Natsu no Ame” and their second game “Your Diary” also received a large number of favorable reviews (I haven’t played it though…) While I would usually try to give a game a “break” if it is labeled as a nukige, there were some elements in this game that I found absolutely disgusting; even more than how unfavorable I consider games without a story. Character design also strangely sucked not only for the heroines (mainly because it was too cliche), but especially for Kazuya himself, who had a severely contradicting personality.

Similarly, story rating gets a large drop due to the game having no “satisfaction” upon its completion. Each story involves the divorce being “called off”, in some ways more forcibly (e.g. Tomoka’s route), and this sudden “change of heart” left more of a “What the hell was the point of this story?” than anything else in my mind.

Character Summary: As with any crappy game, I’ll try to keep everything short (mostly for my own sanity)

Let’s blaze through the character summaries. From the left is Izumi, Mikoto, Tomoka, Yae, and Emma. I’m not sure if this was done on purpose, but they are in order of descending age. (Obviously, if Kazuya had to be squeezed in there, he would be between Tomoka and Yae)

Izumi: The eldest and the student council president, this character is very responsible and mature as shown via Kazuya’s observation. However, it is also shown that Izumi is also human; she is horrible at cooking, and has a hard time waking up in the mornings (Low blood pressure, perhaps?), and becomes sour if anyone other than Kazuya wakes her up. What I really don’t like about this character is that her becoming upset if she is awakened by anyone other than Kazuya is her own way of trying to earn Kazuya’s affection. However, this “shy” (?) trait is contradictory to her normal personality, where she actively seduces Kazuya with her bust.

Mikoto: The most active and cheerful in the entire family, Mikoto is always seen smiling, and is arguably the mood maker of the household. However, this personality comes at a fault as well; Mikoto is severely lacking in the intelligence field, and is very ignorant about her own environment. While the game does appeal this character with “innocence”, the reader will soon find out that Mikoto is simply unwilling to learn from her mistakes (aka, stubborn).

Tomoka: Your typical “tsundere” character, I found Tomoka to be very unfavorable due to the fact that she’s an INDECISIVE tsundere. Most of her plot involves her being unable to become honest, and feeling extreme jealousy when Kazuya is too close to his other sisters. Despite being about 20 minutes older, Tomoka excessively insists that she’s the “older sister”, and thus more responsible. Personally, I found nothing attractive about this character (because other characters are “good” in their own ways), and the only thing about Tomoka is probably that she’s the twin sister of the protagonist (Yosuga no Sora, anyone?)

Her route is the only place where the “sibling incest taboo” is even presented in great detail, and as with all other games, it’s not even pressured on the characters except by themselves.

Yae: My personal favorite character, Yae is one year younger than Kazuya and the (slightly) older sibling of Emma, but still has a commendable bust size and a shy personality. She does have great cooking skills and the talent as a patisserie, so when the parents go out and the siblings decide to re-open the store, Yae is the main character for creating baked goods. She actually loves this job, and most of her route involves trying to win over Kazuya with her treats.

Emma: The youngest sibling who also had the quietest voice in the entire game, which made my ears strained after a bit. Even more indecisive than Tomoka, her shyness towards others is actually shown as a charm point, but I didn’t find it too attractive. With only her “adorable-ness” as her only trait, I’m not sure why Emma was even included as part of the heroines. Although it is shown that Emma is a dynamic character (and is able to say her things to her own mother), I couldn’t find myself liking Emma too much, as I would normally do for a loli-character.

The “imouto” twins

Sexual Content: High

Comments: You had ONE job, Cube. ONE FREAKING JOB. I am thoroughly disappointed in this title and in Cube for screwing up your name with a horrible nukige. Plot is so cliche that I had to skip even some of the non-H-scene portions of the game, and I’m seriously mad at myself (about a week ago), for even thinking this would be a worthwhile title.

The parents’ divorce was pretty much meaningless throughout the story, and each heroine’s affection for Kazuya is also unexplained. This doesn’t help that Kazuya’s personality is also self-contradicting (also indecisive but APPARENTLY “proactive” and “kind”).

People who’ve played Natsu no Ame like myself; DO NOT play this title. I’m not sure about “Your Diary”, but this title WILL drive you off (unless you like incest/twins material).

By some coincidence, Tomoka also happens to have gray-ish hair just like Sora.

Affection for the Characters: Very Low

CG Quality: Low
Music Quality: Low

Addictiveness: Don’t ask, please…

Conclusion: Low quality nukige which did have a character that I enjoyed, but is otherwise a kusoge. I’m currently hesitating on even trying “Your Diary” because this title was that horrible.