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Review of [090529] Tenshin Ranman

Foreword: My very first Japanese, non-translated game. I used text hookers and a very unreliable translator throughout the game.

Title: Tenshin Ranman (天神乱漫) Happy or Lucky

Producers: Yuzusoft

Release Date: May 29, 2009

VNDB Link: http://vndb.org/v1322

Story Length: Long (about 30 hours)

Game Clearing difficulty: Low

Comments: The choices for the characters are shown clearly, so there shouldn’t be much problems with complete clear.

Summary: Haruki is very unlucky. From random stuff falling from the skies or getting soaked by a car rushing through a puddle (when there was no rain), his luck can be seen as “abnormal”. Nonetheless, Haruki accepts his destiny, until a box labeled “Living” is delivered to his house. Inside is a goddess who claims that Haruki’s misfortune was indeed abnormal, and while even she doesn’t know what the reason for it is, she kisses him to “drain” the misfortune from him. However, several others, such as his sister (who is helplessly in love with her brother) or Ruri (Guardian of the goddess), will not allow such acts.

Additionally, the goddess seems to be an S. Will Haruki be able to endure his misfortune, as well as the trouble caused by the newcomers?

Character Design Rating: 8/10

Story Rating: 7/10

Overall Rating: 8/10

Rating Comments: Cute character design; each of the characters are attractive in their own way, so it’s certainly a worthwhile game. While the theme of Haruki’s curse is maintained throughout the story, it’s somewhat “waved off” at the end on some routes. Nonetheless, some of the “misfortunes” were certainly hilarious

Sexual Content: Moderate

Translations: None

Translation Rating: N/A

Related Media: There’s the PS2 game with more CGs as well as Characters. This version, while excluding sexual content, is recommended over the PC version. (At least for me)

Comments: One of the factors that is important in a game is consistency. Many games may present a plot during the character’s route, but such an element is not visible in other parts of the game. Example: If one character has some form of complex (in this case, helpless attraction towards her brother), the element should carry over into other routes (You can see Sana being mad at Sakuyahime and Haruki kissing even in other routes).

Yes, I did play it through twice. Some games are just meant to be enjoyed more than once. Yuzusoft makes some great games, so their games are definitely recommended.

Affection for the Characters: Moderately High, mainly because each of them are physically attractive, as well as being attractive in a psychological sense.

CG Quality: Moderately high. While this may be considered an old game, I believe the resolution and quality of CG was higher. Shading of the characters were done well, and I only hope for more CG in future games.
Music Quality: Low-ish. I felt as if some of the music didn’t quite match with the atmosphere, and this was one of the factors that I wish they fixed.

Addictiveness: Commendable, since it made me play the game twice. Maybe I’ll play it again when I have time ;)