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I know August has a couple of interesting titles so that’s kind of a thing that I can look at soon, but good god there’s really not many games worth playing now which is big mood. On the other hand it does mean I can be more lax about these reviews and the titles I play so I guess I have that going for me

I’m still taking recommendations for games to play whether that be console games, PC games, mobile games, or VNs. I seem to have a lot of time recently and nowhere to spend it on.

As always, reviews in this post are as follows:

  • Hakata Dying Zombies
  • Girls Book Maker
  • Genjitsu wo Miedekitanode Shoujo wo Aisuru no wo Yamemashita 
  • Yakimochi Stream 
  • Asanyan 

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Tsukiyori is arguably one of the better Navel titles in my opinion (the other one being Oretsuba), and it’s for a good reason; it’s why I’ve played the entire series multiple times, though I did pass on the two latest titles for the Tsukiyori 2 fandiscs involving two heroines each since the sequel was considerably inferior to its predecessor. Despite this all the titles in the series are very well written games with lots of moral aspects and sociology, and even if you don’t care for those aspects, simply reading how the characters interact is sufficient enough reason to re-visit these titles like I have

That being said, my previous reviews for this series is pretty cringe due to it being written way back in the day. As I did with the Nines series, I plan on doing a full review, though at least for this one I went through the entire series to refresh my memory/gain a better understanding of the scenario

This might make the post a bit longer though, and spoilery, but this is technically an older game so most people should’ve already played it.

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Because it’s been 10? days since I’ve last posted and I’m here with another. Kinda wanted to post this early and not hold it for another 6 weeks because the games I’ve played within are extremely different along with my opinions for them as great in variance.  Let’s get started.

  • Salete
  • Denshi Otome ga Arawareta!
  • Takogare no Folklore *
  • Boku no Mirai ha Koi to Kakin to
  • Secret Agent

* These reviews may be spoilery

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