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What is this Blog?

=== Introduction ===

Visual Novels, Galge, Eroge. They’re all words to describe the form of entertainment that I’ve enjoyed since 2011. The unique way of storytelling of visual novels allows much more details than other Japanese entertainment like anime, and even some popular anime series is an adaptation of a visual novel.

However, there are many producers of visual novels, and thus many titles. It’s nearly impossible for one to finish all of them completely and fully remember the details of all of it for years to come. As of 2018, I’ve been playing galge for over 7 years, with the number of titles reaching beyond 300.

Just as how some people might keep a diary for things they want to remember, I do so with reviews as well. It helps me keep a record, and this record helps me down the line when I just don’t have the capacity to remember every game I’ve played.

Previously, I was adamant on creating full reviews for games and spending at least a couple hours writing, proofreading, and editing my reviews, but obviously that can’t happen nowadays with me being much busier + not having the capability to do so especially for games I didn’t like.

So I welcome you, complete stranger, for stumbling on my “diary” if you will. If you enjoy visual novels yourself, you’re definitely in for a treat and I hope this site can at least give you a couple seconds of laughter at least.

=== What to expect ===

Most of my posts as of 2018 are comprised of “Short Reviews”, or my thoughts compressed into less than 2 pages worth of words that most accurately describe my thoughts about the game. These short reviews will be grouped together into one large post that I’ll publish every couple months or so.

Occasionally, some major titles may receive a full review with detailed explanations, imagery, and more info in general. I hope that these full reviews are pleasing to read and provide information for my audience.

In addition, since I use the free version of WordPress for the most limited features, I also expect no compensation for my efforts.

Comments on: "What is this Blog?" (19)

  1. I love this even though this website is dead I assume.

  2. Hello there. I just found this site while looking up stuff for a VN I saw on Steam. After reading a few of your reviews, I tried to see if you indicated whether these VN’s were translated to english or not, whether you review just translated ones or not…but I couldn’t find any such info. So I’m asking here.

    I tried searching for a couple that you’ve done a review for, but I couldn’t find a place with a translated version.

    (My google-fu is also not that great, so perhaps it’s just a case of me failing by searches.)

  3. Aria Kanzaki said:

    Hi, I started playing this game called “Koi Suru Kanojo no Bukiyou na Butai” which was released yesterday. Only played the first hour thus I’m not quite sure about the plot, but the art is astonishing! (Kantoku ftw!) I’ll attach vndb link if you are interested :D


    • Ah yes, the newest Cube title.

      Unfortunately, they only really had one great title, and the rest pretty much sucked (Your Diary, as according to a friend and Kurafuta which I played and hated), so I’m not too interested in this one.

      That may change if you end up loving it and suggest that I give it a try as well. However, fair warning that I care very little about art: It’s all about the story for me.

      I appreciate the info, though

  4. I found your blog some weeks ago and really liked it.
    I hope you keep up the good work.

    I downloaded Mashiro iro Symphony after read your post, I think I’ll like it. I took a look on the anime opening (I didn’t watch the anime version yet), the ost is really good.

    • It’s my pleasure to welcome you to this humble and crappy (lol) review site!

      I thank you for your encouragement: It’s from audience like yourselves that I get the incentive to write reviews and keep playing VNs as my hobby despite the busy life that awaits me.

      I’m glad that I convinced you to play Mashiroiro Symphony! That is an amazing game and I’m sure you’ll like it as well!

  5. Hi, I really like your review blog, it’s really helpful for someone like me who just got into eroge. I tried otome games first (because they target to my gender lol) but it really wasn’t for me. I really like bishoujo games more haha.
    Anyway, can I make a suggestion? In your future reviews, could you please have a section for the difficulty of Japanese in your post? I recently started learning Japanese and I still use Mecab + Jparser for visual novels.
    It doesn’t have to be anything complicated, just something like “Easy” “Medium” “Hard”.
    Of course, if it’s too much you don’t have to ^^

    • Thanks for your suggestion!

      Considering all my reviews are targeted for the English-population, your advice is a valuable one. I’ll make sure to incorporate it into my future posts.

      Thanks! :)

  6. seventhfonist4255 said:

    Oooh man am I glad I stumbled upon this place. I got into visual novels, maybe a year ago? (It might’ve been a little after my birthday after I’d gotten into it all, so possibly less than a year, so I would’ve started soon after turning 17, and I still am 17) I just wanted to say that I’m really excited to see the new stuff you put out.

    I’ve played only about 5 and am going through some more (Little Busters, Clannad, Rewrite, Fate Stay Night, G-Senjou no Maou, and I’m starting some more too.) Little Busters was my first, and man oh man did I love it so much.

    After I found out there was MORE in the form of Perfect Edition, I decided to start learning japanese (I’m not too far in, and I started on the Kanji a bit late, but I’m definitely seeing progress.) At the moment, I’m mostly learning the Kanji and will need to get the grammar on my free time, like, during a break or something. I’m hoping to see if I can just look up a bunch of words for a while and learn off those once I’ve gone through a good number of kanji.

    Anyways, I plan on keeping an eye on this blog from now and really look forward to see more posts from you! I’ll really make sure to keep an eye on any recommendations, and good job with all the stuff you’ve already done so far!

    • Thank you so much for your encouragement and support! It’s always nice to think that my posts are encouraging someone to make an effort to enjoy eroge the same way as me, and I would like to offer my deepest respect towards you for going through the LB story despite having little knowledge of Japanese. (Also the fact that you started playing eroge when you were 17. It makes me feel better that I’m not the only one who started “early”)

      I’m sure you will enjoy it as much as I did, but I’d like to hear your personal opinions for any title you’d like to share with me. (Just as my posts inform you, I’d LOVE to be informed by someone else)

      Despite being slow with creating posts recently with schoolwork, I ask for your patience as I continuously pump out reviews. I know for sure that during breaks and such, you’ll be enjoying fresh reviews made nearly every week!

      Again, please do enjoy your stay and feel free to suggest ANYTHING, from titles to play, elements to include (in the review), format of the blog, or even pictures I should use.

  7. carinderyeah said:

    Aw….I was hoping to write for this blog, but is the position already filled T___T????

    • Hello carinderyeah!

      Currently, I’m the only writer on this review site, and I’m afraid I plan on keeping it this way for a while.

      However, I MAY make exceptions! *hint hint ;)*
      Please send me your own personal “review” (with your own elements, opinions, and ratings) for *any* Non-translated commercial game that has been released within the past year to “itsjoyjason@gmail.com”.

  8. Jiong999 said:

    Good day, has been following this blog for sometime as one of main sources for reviews. There are many good games out there that are not given proper reviews /underrated so I have the tendency of wanting to reviewing those myself to get more people to play even though they are not translated.

    Eroge is now pretty much the thing I play to kill time other than chasing anime at the end of every season. It’s good thing to have people appreciating them other than providing biased views. I will continue to follow this blog for your support, and am interested to become your blog’s secondary author if I can have the opportunity. =S

    • Thank you for your encouragement!

      Frankly speaking, the only reason I’ve become so hardcore into eroge was because of the lack of “good titles” from the anime industry; all I saw were remakes of light novels, 4-komas, or even manga. Many of them lacked impact or the “warm feeling” I felt when playing eroge, and I’m very appreciative that I was not the only one to think like this.

      Your desire is exactly my goal; provide interesting and unbiased reviews for non-translated games, as an effort to encourage eroge players to learn Japanese and play the game in its purest form, or attract new players into the world of eroge, which is much greater than the world of anime.

      I would love to invite anyone like yourself to becoming the authors on this blog (which really needs another name…) Please take your time thinking about such an option.
      But please also remember that you should do this as a hobby, and not be forced to play weekly releases; I’d hate for that to happen.

      Thanks again for your time to reply!

    • My reason to prefer eroge over anime will be fact that I prefer to watch proper closures of a story, while the wait between seasons tend to makes us forgot what happened before and over 90% of them generally don’t get animated to the end or got its contents changed to the point it’s not even fun anymore. You are right about the fact that it also lacks impact that we normally see in eroge.

      I wouldn’t force myself to play weekly releases, to be frank I am extremely picky (to the point it is not uncommon to only choosing 1-2 or none at all for monthly release) while choosing a game to play so I plan to do this purely as hobby. Only worry is my playing speed is really slow so I may not be able blog as frequently, but I do intend to write reviews anyway, for the meantime maybe I will think up and suggest a blog name for this. =S

  9. I will definitely read some of your post, so many eroge and visual novel that I cannot fathom and too bad that they are not even translated. Gotta learn Japanese quick.

    • Good friend, welcome and thanks for your interest!

      You’re completely correct; there are WAY too many eroge and visual novels, that even a player like myself have a hard time even keeping up with the new releases.

      This is where this blog comes in! I want to make this blog into a reference tool for English Visual Novel Readers, so they can pick out the “good” games among the thousands out there, and truly enjoy the best of the best novels, instead of being stuck with a crappy one.

  10. nice blog dood~ i like it! Beautiful~ Hohoho

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