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Foreword: I remember I was introduced to the Mangekyou series by a good friend named “gangrelion” (Not sure what he’s up to nowadays. Probably playing galge on other mediums like PS Vita or something). I remember getting some really good impressions from it along with the game itself being fun, so I’ve essentially played the entire Bishoujo Mangekyou series–this recent one wouldn’t really be an exception.

One of the biggest things with the Mangekyou series is that it has some serious shit going on. Regardless of whether or not that “shit” makes sense in the context of the original story or not, all of these games have extreme impact which makes these games highly memorable and also enjoyable.

Please note as a rather short game, mild spoilers are included in certain portions!

Title: 美少女万華鏡 -罪と罰の少女-
Producers: ωstar
Release Date: July 28, 2017
VNDB Link: https://vndb.org/v19182
Getchu Link: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=903609
Game Type: Kinetic Nukige novel revolving around incest

Summary: Yuuma is a boy who’s been hospitalized for some mental illness by his father, who hates him with everything he has. His days in the hospital wasn’t anything special as one day his twin sister Yuuri came to pick him up to take him home. Despite his father still being present, Yuuri is protective of Yuuma and takes care of him well.

Yuuma does have some trouble getting used to his new environment and his father who torments him to no end, but with Yuuri’s suggestion to crossdress and attend her school, perhaps Yuuma might find what he wants to do with his life outside of the hospital.

Story Length: Short (10 hours)
Complete Story Clearing Difficulty: Easy
Comments: A pretty straightforward game, it seems there are three routes, two bad ones leading to subheroines and the main one. Quite frankly, there was really no need to have these subheroines because they were (as with the other series) only included for the H-scenes.

Character Design Rating: 4/10
Story Rating: 6/10
Protagonist Rating: 3/10
Game Quality: Moderate
Overall Rating: 4/10
Rating Comments: This game was really weird indeed! More or less though it fell much short of my expectations.

Character design was impactful, but hideously disgusting. Literally everyone in the game is fucked up in some way except MAYBE Ichika (a subheroine… though you can argue she had her issues too), and all these characters that appear and engage in incest like it was nothing made this game a bit cringe, especially because the taboo is only discussed and attempted to be justified with “love”. Seriously? Trying to incorporate romance in a nukige? In retrospect, most of the points really came from Yuuri’s design because of how much focus she had.

She legitimately received a lot of attention, such as how this CG featuring her close-up face is completely animated and varies in expression

Story is relatively low, but not as low as it would have been if the game lacked that huge plot twist in the end, various foreshadowing, and dark atmosphere. Crossdressing in a girl’s school was merely a setting and was never really the main theme so that was acceptable. While this score is definitely low due to how the entire game was mostly H-scenes between Yuuma and Yuuri, it really makes up for it using those literary elements as I’ve mentioned before. (Doesn’t mean it’s a good game though kappa)

Protagonist actually earns most of his score back because of the same thing as the story; the plot twist regarding him as well as various foreshadows the game displayed for Yuuma. At the beginning and middle portions he might seem like a spineless wimp who can’t do anything and a coward who can’t stand up to his problems, but he gets better (or worse. However you want to look at it); he’s insane and you see him go absolute nuts at the end it’s almost funny to watch. Trust me; if you had bad impressions on him for being not-so-protagonist like I did, you’ll be in for a surprise. Again whether or not that’s a good thing is something I can’t decide for you.

He’s fully voiced even in the H-scenes though, so that’s something… No?

As it is they look pretty different even as twins

Sexual Content: High

Comments: So basically this game in a nutshell is that this family’s got problems. The jist is that Yuuma’s family is him, his twin sister Yuuri, their mother and father, and an uncle who is a brother of their mother’s side. The problem is, every single one of these characters are into incest (and actually performs it) or at least attempts to do so in the case of the twin’s father.

As we know, incest is considered a “sin” due to various religious sources stating as such (which is ironic because some iconic religious individuals engaged in it), and in terms of natural selection, incest is heavily frowned upon due to the offspring being born unable to receive dominant genes from different “sources” of parents and instead potentially inherit deadly genes which cut their lifespan severely. Some sources suggest that that direct incest between siblings have upwards of 60% chance of some form of defects.

In reality though, aside from these two things there’s really no other things wrong with incest, and while I’m not trying to advocate for it here, this game takes it to a whole new level with pretty much the mother of the family inbreeding with her own brother and the twins born from her engaging in intercourse with each other. The conclusion of the true end even shows Yuuri and Yuuma having twins. Okay. That’s enough. We get the point you want to show us incest.

What. The. Fuck.

The main problem I see with ωstar games is that while it does have the impact and for the most part it’s worth your time as a simple read, there’s really no point to all of it. The game’s context is that a horror writer goes to an inn where he sees a ghost who gives him a kaleidoscope which gives him highs visions which he uses for his writing. It’s already pretty perplexing how the entire series went through a vampire, ghosts, robot dolls, and now twins, but there’s really no moral contained in any of the games. Each of these games have some hints on sociology or philosophy, but none of it is elaborated and kept extremely vague so they might as well just leave it out…

Let’s also not discuss this ridiculously obvious reference

So long story short it seems that this series is pretty much a nukige without anything else attached to it making it unfortunate because it does have some pretty nice settings and concepts.

I also wanted to talk about a rather blatant contradiction this game had… but that would actually be a huge spoiler so I’m not sure if I’d like to talk about it in the body of the review. Perhaps if someone else noticed this contradiction they can have a discussion with me regarding what they thought about it and such

Affection for the Characters: Low

CG Score: 7/10. Quite a few animations in this game
Music Score: 5/10.

Addictiveness: Low



  • Highly impactful story with plot twists well foreshadowed
  • H-scene animations
  • Main heroine, Yuuri, is very well defined


  • Unfortunately too short for readers to become immersed into it
  • Protagonist might seem annoying to readers in the beginning with his lack of action and weakness

So Tsumi to Batsu no Shoujo is the 4th in the series to be added to the Bishoujo Mangekyou series. I still think the 3rd title was probably the best, but this series is pretty dark and interesting should you ever consider getting into it. As it stands the 4th game might be a little slow in the middle portions, but just plow through and you’ll see some weird shit and incest happening left and right to the point you’ll be done with the game before you realize it.

P.S. Sorry for not talking about the subcharacters at all; they’re literally so insignificant I really have nothing I can say about them in the first place

Routes outside of Yuuri’s is pretty much a bad route anyways

Comments on: "Sin, Corruption, and Revenge: Review of [170728] Bishoujo Mangekyou – Tsumi to Batsu no Shoujo" (10)

  1. Hello! It has been a long time. Actually, I’ve been trying to play VNs on Vita and other systems, but those have been disappointing to me, as well. Regardless, I did try to play this one, as I like this series, but I wasn’t very fond of it in general. I didn’t like the story or characters and I’m not a big fan of traps or what not to begin with. I guess this one just wasn’t for me. Maybe the next one…

    • Oh wow, it’s the eroge senpai!

      It’s definitely been too long; I’ve been spending all my time on galge and MMOs so we haven’t really gotten a good chance to sit down together and rant about games as we used to.

      We share the same tastes and agree again on the fact we’re both not entirely fond of this title and as with you, I do agree that the 3rd one (Kamishoujo) was much better. Maybe the 5th one will be better? I don’t know.

      Glad to see you’re still playing SOME galge. You wouldn’t be gangrelion if you didn’t! I’m only hoping a good game comes around that I’d be able to get you to try out and bring you back into PC eroge.

    • Eroge has become kinda of a habit after so many reviews. Every 3 months or so I get some titles just to see what’s the current deal with this genre. I got a school slice-of-life, a nukige, a nakige and a title that actually tries to be intelligent and artistic (this one). Can’t say I was satisfied with the results this time. Guess I’ll go into Eroge hibernation again…
      I’ve also recently got into MMOs! We should play FFXIV together someday!

  2. W-was that Yuuri (or Yuuma?) cosplaying as Miku!? >___> But what was actually happened in that scene? Trying some cosplay? Kinda surprised that scene actually happened in a dark game series like this…

    Oh, I’ve been wondering who is that girl your blog’s icon? I thought that’s Sena Airi but I doubt… :/

    • Oh, Anzu Mitsu as protag’s VA is a thing

    • The cosplaying was more of a light-hearted event to offset the darker atmosphere… which is my best guess. I imagine there were some discrepancies to the real thing so they would avoid copyright infringement lol.

      My blog icon is also drawn by Izumi Tsubasu (or Hisuitei) and is actually not Sena Airi but an original artwork (meaning the girl is not given a name). Though I can definitely understand why anyone would think she looks like Airi.

  3. What are the numbers in the title?

    Ps: Excellent review, as always (;

  4. I started the series recently, so I only played the first two Mangekyou games so far, though I do intend to complete it eventually.

    If the first games are any indication, there’s probably be at least one if not more rape scenes, which is something I always have a hard time with even if I just control-skip it. The second game in particular ended such as I think it’ll take me a while to forgive the writer for allowing a happy ending.

    The writer can make some seriously fucked up characters, like the second game’s protagonist who rapes his childhood friend over his own insecurity, tries to suicide to atone for his sin even though it’s clearly just running away from it, can’t even do it right and fails in the process, and ends up binding his victim down for years to look after him as he sleeps in the hospital, dreaming of fucking every girl he ever met. Disgusting.

    I guess what you mean when you say the protagonist ‘mans up’ is probably going to go along the violence/rape lines as well. Not sure I’m up for that right now, but I’ll get around to it eventually as the games as nukiges are pretty good, with beautiful CG and some rare but well done animation. If only the rapes were toned down a little bit…

    I actually like the writer/Renge substory that slowly evolves other the games. The erogamer in me wishes the relationship would step further but I actually appreciate that (as far as I know) it has remained platonic so far.

    • You already seem to have the basic jist of this game down even though you only went through a couple of them.

      While it’s definitely true the actions of the protagonist is far from ideal, my main advocacy would be that at least they do something which adds to the game’s impact instead of being that bystander like other games might make them seem.

      Aside from some various fictional settings/background, most of the actions that characters take are relatively realistic considering their current mental status/physical condition, so that’s something going for us as well.

      There definitely are rape-y scenes in all four games which might be something off-putting for some players. Fortunately they’re relatively short lived and don’t affect the overall scenario too much

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