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Wow, it was a long month of trying to wade my way out of all this sticky mess that I purposely dived into (I chose this game on my own accord and refused to drop it no matter how horrible it was), and the most sad thing is that I’ll probably do this again; purposely choose a game that looks really bad then refuse to drop it for the sake of bashing it in the end and ultimately wasting hours and hours of my time.

I just realized that I’m a dumbfuck, as much as the people giving this game scores above a 5.

Well, since there’s only one November game I’m interested in, here I come, October releases! :D

Oh, and since I know that most of you won’t have time to read this long-ass rant, I’ll bold my main points that I want to make with this game. Hopefully, this saves you even more time and frustration from playing this game.

WARNING: Please note that this review contains intentional spoilers and
an increased frequency of crude language/ranting. 
Do NOT read if you know
you’ll be offended by someone bashing this game!

Title: アストラエアの白き永遠 (Astral Air no Shiroki towa) [Lit. Trans: The Eternal White Astral Air]
Producers: Favorite
Release Date: July 25, 2014
VNDB Link: https://vndb.org/v12984
Getchu Link: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=779719
Game Type: Sci-fi novel (?) that doesn’t make fucking sense and mixed with overdose of convenience.

Summary: Riku is an orphan of the Chronos Group, who are actually agents in disguise and known as “Elfin”, or individuals with supernatural powers. With this power, Riku as well as his group consisting of Rinne and Hinata are deployed in the mysterious town Tsukigasaki with one main mission: Protect the Leader’s daughters: Hazuki and Ochiba.

In this town full of mysteries, including the “gentle snow that never piles up”, Riku is ironically assigned to live with two girls in their own home. With a bit of misunderstanding, but ultimately enough sacrifices on both parties liberates Riku from having to sleep on the streets.

The group also have one more mission: to secure and protect anyone who also “awaken” into an Elfin, aka, someone with superpowers. This strange phenomenon is unexplained and occurs rather frequently…

Things start to get complicated as a rival group with similar motives named “Valhalla” join the fray, and its powerful member, Kotori may block the progress of the team.

Then there is the mysterious girl named Yuki… What exactly is she?

Riku is in for some surprises at his old hometown, in the Eternal White Astral Air.

Story Length: Fucking long as hell (I didn’t keep track of time).
Jokes aside, it was about 50 hours, approx. 3-4 times the average time I spend on a single game
Complete Story Clearing Difficulty: Easy
Comments: Usually, bad games aren’t that long, so the pain is generally really quick and goes away fast.

Now imagine having that pain for over 30 hours straight. Seriously; I wouldn’t have minded if this game had the quality of White Album 2 or something, but what the fack man…

Character Design Rating: 3/10
Story Rating: 1/10
Protagonist Rating: 0/10
Game Quality: Moderate
Overall Rating: 2/10
Rating Comments:

Look at those ratings: they’re not just “worse than previous games”. They’re one of the worst games I’ve ever played.

Favorite, I believe, was trying to piss me off with this game, and I’d have to commend them for actually succeeding. Trash plot with baseless-symbolism and chuunibyou words thrown all over the place, and all the poems don’t even connect with the main plot as a deus-ex-machina style story takes over the true route. Even in the true route, there are unexplained elements, and as I’ll get to later on, everything was just rushed in the end; no effort to help the reader understand what the fuck just happened in the last 3 hours of Yuuki’s route, and absolutely no form of reasoning as the game “kills off a character, bring her back, then kill off the protagonist, bring him back, and eliminate a heroine”. 

(Fucking dead serious that’s what happened)

Just as cheap as how this snow-ball fight is

Heroines with its respective subcharacters completely overshadowing them wasn’t a good trait either, and how the protagonist is pretty worthless in the entire game or how there’s never him in solo-action was definitely something that brought down the protagonist score to 0. If he had a superpowered or a hidden side that requires “a certain something”, then that would’ve saved this score quite a bit. Even in the true route, he is the emotionless, colorless, and worthless derphead who just happens to be the center of the story.

Protip: Protagonists need a monologue. This game doesn’t have enough. Most of the lines are between heroines and do not even involve Riku. This makes it as if Riku isn’t really important in the overall story, while it’s the heroines who are the real deal (AND IT’S NOT WHAT DA FAAAKKK). In essence, he seems like a third-person watching this story, and not a first-person living it. Then there’s girls (of all ages *coff*) becoming close to him for really no reason at all.

The oh-so-weak protagonist with very little role in the story.
At least until he’s made to randomly fall in love with the heroine.

Story also gets a huge drop from all the goddamn convenience (This will be explained later), as well as being ridiculously slow. There’s no impact (or shock factor as I call it as well), and most of the things happen doesn’t seem natural; it’s so obvious that someone was pulling the strings from the behind (aka, the story flow was very unnatural probably because the writer sucks. In other words, very poor transition). Lastly, it was EXTREMELY predictable. Even the true route is extremely predictable, and 90% of the game was me just CTRL’ing and thinking “Yes, I fucking know what’s going to happen, just show it to me and be done with it”.

In addition, the romance in this game sucks. Both the heroines and the protagonist randomly fall in love, and especially with the fact that the protagonist never really seems to have a “protagonist moment” within the entire game, this was something that brought down all three scores, and another factor that caused a 0/10 for our protagonist..

It was so horrible that I was actually expecting a shimai-don plot here

What I find really unfortunate about this game is that right now, the “overall score” for this game is a 2. However, that would have easily risen to at least 5 or 6 if the game actually chopped off EVERYTHING except for Yuuki’s route at the end. What does this imply?
1) Yuuki’s route was pretty average, despite being the “best portion” of the entire game. So all you dumbfucks giving this game any higher than a 5? Learn to rate games. I’m a dumbfuck myself for even playing this game to completion, but at least I’m not giving others the wrong impression.
2) The other routes throw words or scenes around that contradict with the true route, or at least have something that degrade its quality.
I admit that the ridiculous length was one of them, but how unnatural the characters were in each route was another thing that really bothered me.

Character Summary:
Right. Let’s go in the order I cleared the characters. (For the reference, I hated every one of them)

First is Ochiba. Your typical tsundere character who doubles up as the Yamato Nadeshiko archetype in this game. As fate unwinds, Riku is forced to live in her house, and as obvious as it is, he is not welcomed. Then the story conveniently has him “rescue” Hazuki, who is Ochiba’s younger sister which gains their trust at least a bit.

My rant about Ochiba’s route was that instead of the heroine herself, Hazuki seemed to be the main heroine: most of the conflicts in Ochiba’s route involve Hazuki, and not Ochiba. Hazuki seems to have MUCH more impact than her older sister in terms of humor and setting, and even though the climax doesn’t involve Hazuki at all, Hazuki is actually the initiator of it in the first place.

Yeah, not a good design when the heroine falls behind a subheroine, right?

I present to you: the actual heroine for Ochiba’s route!

Then I have to complain about how the two siblings fail to realize (at least Ochiba herself; Hazuki may be too young to understand) that it’s their “worthless father” who’s been working hard to at least financially support them for at least a few years. Both Ochiba AND Hazuki fail to realize that the person most traumatized by their mother’s death is none other than her husband, and act really ungrateful in the sense that they expect their lonely daddy to suck it up and adapt to THEIR environment.

Seriously? Spoiled kids these days…

Then we have Ichika (Holy shit, by the time I was writing this review, I forgot some of these characters’ names). Originally having nothing to do with our protagonist and only a classmate, their interaction starts when Ichika becomes an Elfin herself. This interaction is attached with the protagonist CONVENIENTLY being placed near where she is, and saving her depressed behind from drowning.

And thus begins the oh-so-convenient plotline of a random girl falling in love with her classmate and has the two getting all up in the business of Valcan and one of its researchers who also happens to be Ichika’s older sister.

As obvious as it is, the entire route is about how Ichika wants to get along with her sister more, and how her older sister was also being “tsundere”. Please, CTRL key, don’t break on me. I freaking need you.

Kotori is next in line, and is actually introduced to be associated with the rival group called the “Valhalla”. Regardless, her route is absolutely filled to the brim with the OMG-ANOTHER-FUCKING-SETTING-WHERE-THE-HEROINE-IS-WAY-STRONGER-THAN-THE-PROTAGONIST-SHIT-AND-HOW-SHE-ALWAYS-KICKS-HIS-ASS plot.

Yeah, that wasn’t good, especially with the reasoning that the only reason why the two start hanging out is “because we’re similar” and they want to know about each other. You ask how they “get to know each other”?

Yes. In order to know more about each other, Riku and Kotori go on these series of “battles” which are extremely anticlimactic and horrifically long as hell and always end in “being a draw because neither of the two wants to win”

What. The. Fuck.
The route ends with the two being forced to have a “grand finale” (aka, make a certain decision that either of them should win or lose)

(At this point, I wasn’t really mad, but just laughing about how ridiculous this was)

Also, what the hell is up with all these tsundere heroines? Does Favorite think anyone other than low-self esteem losers would actually appreciate characters like this?

(Corona and Rinne available after Ochiba’s route)

Next is Corona, and even worse. Here’s a robot girl who’s “trying to become like a human” because she’s actually the predecessor of a series of robots that will be sent into space. Her training involves living the life of a normal human and try to become like them so that her “reactions” can be recorded and used as reference when creating future robots.

The irony of Corona’s route was that it was within her route that Riku was a bit more colorful, interacting with Rei, who is Corona’s friend. Riku never really shows annoyance or emotions within the entire game EXCEPT for when he’s getting pissed at Rei, and that’s pretty bad planning on the game’s part.

Regardless, Corona’s route sucks mainly because the game freaking flat out says “Oh, Corona’s actually a human AND an Elfin!” right out of the blue with reasoning that whenever Corona came into direct contact with Riku, he could “feel the warmth of a human being” within her. Yeah, great half-assed planning there. You couldn’t handle the archetypical robot-created-to-be-sent-into-space plot and changed it so you won’t get sued by companies like Purple Software, probably.

Then the companies have the nerve to try to force a climactic ending in the end of the route, where deus ex machina occurs again.

‘Kay, on to the next route!

Rinne is the second to last of the heroines, and pretty colorful in terms of personality. Most of her comical scenes involve her “wanting to get back into the kotatsu” or stuttering because she’s inquired about her affection towards Riku.

Nonetheless, the game makes it rather obvious that Rinne is Riku’s younger sister from very early in the game. What the game DOESN’T reveal, however, is why the hell Rinne falls in love with Riku, and vice versa, as well as the sibling taboo never happening in their route.

Rinne’s route is probably the most boring in this sense, that she pretty much mopes about how Riku might leave her if she tells the truth about their relationship, and there being literally nothing else after she finally tells him.

Admittedly, though, I enjoyed Rinne’s powers when fighting with Riku; this was probably the funniest moments in the game.
Like Ochiba, however, Rinne is a tsundere.
Tsundere imouto characters? Get the fuck out.

And here comes the magical loli-fairy / winter spirit / elf / whatever you want to call Yuuki.

As expected of the true route, Yuuki’s route is best out of all of them. However, as I stated above, it’s not even reaching decency in terms of story, due to massive amounts of flaws in her route (which is also in the entire story, but I’ll get to that later)

The first encounter that is shown to readers is Riku and her meeting on the bridge between the “Old City” and the “New City” (which, by the way, has no fucking meaning despite how much attention they give to it). From then on, someone similar to her except a bit older appears at the end of each route “congratulating” Riku for his efforts to get into the girl’s skirt to become accustomed to his new life.

Yuuki’s route is all about trying to solve everything that the game showed the readers up until now, in one single go, which happens to only be slightly longer than the other routes. So in essence, it’s trying to answer the questions from 5 of the routes in a single one. That’s not good planning; everything seems rushed, and in the end, I had no freaking idea what the hell the script was blabbing about as (stated before) the deus ex machina shoots out and creates another horrible story line.

Yuuki herself is pretty much your average ignorant-about-the-world loli-heroine with a past that the game company tries too hard to make dramatic, and instead makes it comical instead because it’s just so predictable and random. She eats snow, loves playing around, and can magically disappear around people who she doesn’t feel comfortable with.

Fuck yeah. I can jump into space in less than a minute without a rocket and breathe. How badass can I be?

Sexual Content: Low


Convenient. Convenient AS HELL. Most of the plot is actually well designed, but oh-so-convenient. I get that this is a fantasy setting and all that, but there’s a limit to how convenient the protagonist earns the affection of characters that actually has nothing to do with his ability. All the events that happen and how the character interaction is created are convenient and unnatural, and in the true route, the game skips months and even years with just a single phrase. (Couldn’t you have done that for the other places too, so you could at least save me some pain?)

Fantasy setting also apparently gave them the excuse to use “their own logic” (aka, include their own logos, ideals, and pretty much even physics). Snow without any clouds that do not “stack” in winter and still fall during summer, despite how other places it’s not… It even goes as far to suggest that it was “all a dream” (Hmm? Where have I seen this before?) as characters are manipulated irrationally to make the story… It almost felt like the characters were just puppets in a play, rather than actually being representative of an actual human emotion/ideal.

Simply put, characters seem very very fake. 

From the left: Annoying Bitch, Tsundere Bitch, and Nosy Student-Council-President-who-has-self-esteem-problems

Then there are some of them that sounded like a chuunibyou (aka, Kotori)

H-scenes… they’re actually used relatively smoothly. This actually took me by surprise to see that this game DOES have some relatively “dark” H-scenes where the characters will actually have sex because they’re lonely. I guess because of this, the sex scenes weren’t really unusuable, but helped me sympathize with the heroines themselves. Still makes me rather scared that my dick wasn’t even remotely erect while skipping though them. (I swear I’m not impotent!)

Humor is, however, seriously lacking. They may have tried to make a drama, but not only was this unbalanced and imperfect, the humor they tried to add in was very weak (usually relating to jokes about Riku’s pedophila) and repeated excessively. I may have been slightly more generous if they cut out with this stupid humor they tried to include)

But in all seriousness, I really need someone to tell me why this game scores any more than a 5.

Finally, let me get to something that really killed this game: predictability and anticlimaxes. By itself, these two elements aren’t that big of a deal, but as a combo, they exert a synergistic effect that brings the score down and annoys the living fuck out of players including myself. It’s okay if the game is predictable, but climactic–even if I can see it coming, I tend to enjoy the climax when I get there. It’s okay if the game is unpredictable but anticlimactic–since I can go over it again and try to find a reasoning for which why I couldn’t predict the ending.

Now the real trash is when it’s neither: predictable and anticlimactic, because you already know that it’s going to suck, and know this earlier than you think.

As if to top off the wound with salt, there was absolutely no explicit form of moral or theme presented in the game either. There’s the implied “Family is important” theme, but considering how the “parents” do not even appear that often (with the exception of Ochiba’s dad), and how it’s always the child’s (or at least the heroine’s, since Ichika’s route doesn’t really have parents involved) misunderstanding that causes the boo-hoos and the shitstorm, I don’t think it was even meant to be a theme.

Affection for the Characters: Low

CG Score: 3/10. Sorry, the CG sucks. I don’t like the lack of depth and the bland coloring; the only reason why this score gets a +2 from what would originally be a “1/10” is because of the large variety and pretty detailed SDCGs (they actually use speech bubbles)

As such

Music Score: 9/10. On the other hand, the music was quite excellent, and varying in genre. Very nice!

Addictiveness: This is worse than Saga Planet games. At least they have hilarious characters; this game doesn’t even try to be funny. Think of how much I hated SP games and then about the chances of playing this one.
(On that thought, if you wanted to torture me, a good way would be to tie me up in a chair and put this game on auto-play… I’d probably bite off my tongue first though)

Conclusion: Combined with how convenient the plot was, as well as how unexplained symbolism and phrases were thrown around all over the place, and the very-fake looking characters, topped off with predictable + anticlimactic story, this game is one of the worst games I’ve played. Bad games usually have NO plot, or NO climax, but remember that games that have these kinds of “half-assed” design, incomplete explanations, and poor planning (especially in the true route) will be the ones to fare much much worse than the “bad games”.

What, you’re actually surprised?

So there you have it: the entire rant I have for this trashy game. In total, I’ve spent about 50 hours playing the game (spanning over what’s about 2 months) and about another 5 writing this review. It’s taken enough time from me, and I’m done with it as well. Time to trash it.

On the other hand, though, I’d like to ask for your opinion. I’m going to play another Favorite game just so I can see if this was just a bad selection, and there’s a better title out there. Otherwise, I’m trashing all the Favorite games I have in my backlog and moving onto others. I have a self-imposed rule that I try at least 2 of the company’s games before I declare them to be “bad”, so if experienced players can give me a recommendation to your “best” Favorite game in the comments section, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

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  1. man it’s been so long but I also did an all clear on this game well for me it was better than sakusaku in my regard at least when comaparing these 2 titles alone but if I were to compare it with the cross over campaigning mainly clover days and this I would put clover days in higher regard…
    I’m sure you kinda liked sakusaku but I guess we have different tastes

  2. Aria Kanzaki said:

    It was intriguing to read your reviews. I was thinking of playing the game since the characters looked affable, but now I completely lost my interest in the game. Well, Hoshizora no Memoria was a pretty good game by Favorite, but has a tedious common route; despite that, the true route was astonishing and memorable. It’s far better than this trash VN, thus I suggest you giving it a try.

  3. Wow, if this is the rating you would give to a game like AstralAir, then I want to see how would you rate Senshinkan or Dies Irae lolol

    • In the end, it’s all about preference.

      My “preference” happens to be the correlation of the logic/philosophy of the game to the real world.

      I can actually see a lot of people liking games like this just because it tears the “paradigm of the world that they live in” apart. In essence, they’re rebels who are not admitting it because they’re afraid, or oppressed by the “worldly” folks like myself.

      There’s no right-or-wrong, just like how “good-and-bad” is perceptional.

  4. I have played all of FAVORITE game, and i can say that irotoridori no sekai is far more better than this, well for me it’s because of shinku that giving me reason to play it, and i satisfied with it, but seeing you rant about this long, i think iroseka will make it shorter, Don’t try hoshizora no memoria, it will only make you rant even longer than this and give you even harder trauma to recover

  5. Favorite’s games have great elements of “unnatural” convenience and if you are seriously bothered by that it is better off not playing the others to save you the frustration. In fact, it is like their style. Not going to write much this time, as from this I can see our views are just too different. And, you can’t question logic and character’s actions in Favorite’s games anyways, or even compare it with reality in any way without bashing it as shit and stuff.

    BTW, this is coming from someone who rates iroseka/hika a 10/10 and tAstralAir a 9, and I did have plenty of reasons to give it that score, just like how you have your reasons to give this a 2.

    P.S. Still, you should do Iroseka/hika though. Although it’s just personal preference, it did remain as No.1 VN in my hall of fame and staying firm for a few years up to now.

    • Yep, Irosekai is on my backlog, although I’ll be holding the other Favorite titles at bay.

      Now, I understand that we all have our own preferences and such, but I cannot imagine now a potentially experienced galge player like yourself find favor to these “unnatural convenience” and “irradical logic”.

      This is exactly what’s been bothering me and one of my acquaintances, and perhaps you could share some of your own reasoning to why you thought this game was good: I don’t know about the aforementioned friend, but I am thirsty to know why.

      Please, if you would be so kind, shoot me an email at “itsjoyjason@gmail.com” with your reasoning.

  6. Don’t know if this is the right place to talk about it but you like Frontwing titles right? (from the reviews I’ve read at least…) why not try out Grisaia series then?

    • Yeah, not really the place to ask, but I’ll answer anyways: that’s because of the lack of time. When I try to get to a “series” game, I try to make sure I can finish the entire series in a single go (which is how I did for games like Yumina/Corona, Koihime Musou, Leyline, etc…)

      The only exception was Tenbin no La Dea because well… the only game I played from the La Dea series was really long (gameplay included) ._.;

      Frontwing’s Grisaia series already have my attention and I’m looking forward to the time when monthly releases fall in quality so much to the point I don’t even have to consider them an option

  7. I knew you’d hate this game and I told you to better keep your expectations to an absolute minimum if you were going to play this. Just like you, I have not the slightest idea why people seem to like this game, I mean, it’s not only subjectively bad, it’s objectively bad.

    Slightly off-topic since this once again showcases that we share a rather similar view on games: Don’t write off Aokana from the start. Judging by the trial, you’ll enjoy it even if you only like it half as much as I did. The overall quality and effort put into the game is ridiculous. The sheer amount of cg’s is outstanding, the trial had more of them than some games have in total and it we’re talking about like half the common route max. It’ll blow away that ensemble game like it’s nothing (keep in mind that I’m prejudiced in regards to ensemble games here, in a negative way)

    Back to AstralAir.
    You didn’t even mention the ridiculous level of inconsistency and inauthenticity. There was so much just that contradicted itself or didn’t make any sense WHATSOEVER, I couldn’t believe it.

    Take Ichika’s route for example. More than HALF of the route was about Ichika being unable to admit TO HERSELF that she’s in love with Riku which made me think did the writers freaking operate without checking what the others write and just pasted it together? She fucking writes in her notebook that she loves him in the COMMON route. Later on, they “try” to make it plausible by having Ichika state she was “kind of” in love with him before, but the truely deciding factor was supposedly christmas eve… But then she confesses to him in Ochiba’s route anyway xD WHAT.THE.FUCK.

    Some stuff in Ochiba’s route was even WORSE. With absolutely NO built-up at all and contradicting everything the game showed us before, their father just deus exe’s Hazuki out of her peril. I mean, you she’s like 5? and their father, to her, is just some random dude she saw ONCE before and was understandable depicted to dislike him because from her pov, he made ochiba suffer, who was like the center of her world. Then that random dude comes into her room and states “Yo hazuki, no one’s going to disappear, you three will always stay together” and she’s like “Okay, I love you daddy”. Seriously, that was the moment I almost gave in to the urge of closing the game and erasing it from my disk at once. And it’s full of shit like that.

    How the fuck am I supposed to sympathize with them when Ochiba is retarded and their father is a dumbfuck who’s even worse. Think about it. He basically sacrificed his wife and left his children all alone for the sake of… curing their elfin state? Why? Seriously, just why? It’s not like it’s some deadly disease or anything and Ochiba even discards the ring of her own will in the end, which basically equals to telling their father that everything he did was in vain and absolutely retarded.

    That was one of my main problems with the game, in NO route did I get why a character did what the game showed me. It didn’t make ANY sense.

    And what the fuck is wrong with Riku’s head? A girl tells him “You know, I’m a robot” and instead of thinking “Wow better not get involved with this girl, seems like she’s suffering from a serious case of chuunibyou” he’s like “OMFG SERIOUSLY? But you look so human, omg, amazing”… that reaction man. Retardedness at it’s best.

    And apropos recommendations regarding favourite titles… the only game I personally thought was “okay” was Irotoridori no Sekai. The true route is definitely by far better than Yuki’s route, the characters are way more likeable and it’s not as fucking long as AstralAir.

    • “it’s not as fucking long as AstralAir”

      That Quote: I’m sold. Honestly, this game was so ridiculously long that I’m having a need of more than just a single light-hearted nukige to cheer me up. Despite how the game itself wasn’t even a tragedy, it’s really depressing how I went through that.

      Irotori seems to be my next Favorite title (although I’ll have to recover from my trauma first) when I get the chance. You’re the third person to state it’s probably better than the other titles, so hopefully, it changes my perspectives on Favorite.

      Regrading Aokana, there’s not enough summary on Getchu to see if I’ll like it or not. Heroines seem a little bland, but I’ll take your word for it and place it on the top of my priority list.

  8. Well that’s harsh!! well at least the music is good. The plot itself is very confusing though. I do realized this later after re-watch some key (or it should be) scenes and I still don’t understand anything. Well this game maybe better if they keep the plot linear and got 1 heroine only. Yes I know I contradict with my old posts but after re-thinking about all of this and read your reviews. I dare admit that I’m still so immature when come to rating a game. I don’t have to say much more, you already say it for me.

    It’s ironic though, that’s a small game like Aria of sorrow which got so little lines and its size is only 8MBs, yet the plot is still not as WTF, got a nice twist that can throw you off even if you already see it coming.

    Can’t say much about Toridori, but as far as I played now, (Not into individual route yet.) It’s pretty boring. Touma did’t do anything worth praising much yet. However many praised true route and Shinku as the best. It’s for you to decided.

    Hoshizora… As I said before that AstralAir took many elements from Hoshizora. If you hate AA, better keep your hope low (or avarage) and surprised if it’s good is better. At least if it’s bad, you still keep your hope low. I myself find HZ to be better than AA though…

    Nah, you better go off and play Madou Koukaku. Nice political story with awesome womanizer MC. Sadly the gameplay is not that good since it’s Eushully first attempt on SLG. It got great potential however, and I wish for their future games to be SLG once again.

    PS: My last paragraph is my personal ranting. It just that I come back for this game again and start playing from scratch again after clearing Tenbin no La Dea. (Waiting for project EU-16 right now, wonder what Eushully would offer me this time. Maybe story of Solomon and his 72 pillars wouldn’t be so bad. It’s like April Fool comes true!)

    PS2: Sorry for longass ranting, skip any if you wish.

    • Every time I see you post, I get a bit guilty for not getting my hands on Tenbin 2, lol.

      Nonetheless, you pretty much have the right idea about this game; it’s bad. I might sound harsh, but I don’t swear or bash a game like this unless I really have to. The conclusions section really summarizes my thoughts for this game, and while I won’t be playing Hoshizora (due to being similar by your words), I’ll be going through Irotori.

      Off topic: So I actually did some digging around Google Images, and Celica actually has an actual body/real appearance? Holy crap this series sounds so tempting right now, but if I start it, I won’t get anything done in real life LOL.

    • Of course Celica has real appearance (and emotions too). That’s the story about what…? 700 years before Tenbin I guess? I said before right? As stand alone game, Tenbin story is still lagging (What to say, it’s episode 5), but as a whole saga it’s one of the best eroge I ever read. However, IM Zero got a very depressing story. IM Verita is better, but still very depressing. Don’t expect any happy, sunshine, and rainbow. If it happen, it merely intro for something real shit to happen later.

  9. As much as i like bashing reviews, stealing you for over a month is so unfair. I tend to skip most of public scenes from midgame (e.g. school, dinner etc) unless some humor expected since those are most often fillers. Get that skipping to good use if game cries for it.

    Have not touched Favorite yet, so no help here.

    • Words of Wisdom right there: I need to start to see where I can start “skipping” and where I can’t. As a writer, though, I tend to be paranoid about every scene because I just think “Omg, what if I skipped it and it had an important detail?”

      Yeah, no. Never freaking happens. AND I STILL DO IT ANYWAYS (derp)

      I tend to skip most of the H-scenes though, since those are ones that I’m almost absolutely sure that I won’t regret skipping even if I did…

    • You wouldn’t know, some games hide quite important facts that play a major role in the story. Of course it’s a very rare case.

  10. Let see………how about Irotoridori no Sekai from FAVORITE? Many people said that its true route is great. Or Hoshizora no Memoria (though actually I don’t like Chinami’s route and there is WTF moment in its true route in HoshiMemo)? If you don’t like those two, at least I can say that eroge from FAVORITE isn’t your type of eroge (like eroge from SAGA PLANETS).

    Btw, maybe you should try Natsuyume Nagisa from SAGA PLANETS too. I don’t force you to play it, so it’s up to you if you want to try it or not. so don’t blame me if you try it and don’t like it later.

    p.s: Sorry, I never reply you last mail to me. Somehow, I always forget to reply your mail.

    • Btw, at least I’m happy that there is someone who have same opinion about music in AstralAir. :)

    • Thanks for the recommendations! Don’t sweat it about not replying; I’m sure you have your busy real-life stuff to deal with just as I do.

      Yeah, the music was amazing, really. I loved the opening, and thought it was pretty climactic (which is why I was pumped up for this title in the beginning).

    • Yeah, busy with my real life and this.

      Now I’m hiatus from eroge for a while because of them. Btw, there is also my early opinion about SAGA PLANETS’s new title too in that post. just comment in that post if you want to talk about SAGA PLANETS’s new title or something that related with that post.

      I recommend you to play Irotoridori no Sekai. Shinku is really amazing heroine in my opinion. Her affection to the protagonist in IroSekai is something you definitely won’t see in other loli and make her definitely much better than other loli like self proclaimed love fairy loli (who actually a shinigami) for example.
      Btw, put your expectation as low as possible in every heroine route, except true route (Shinku’s route). If you turn out liking IroSekai, I recommend you to play its sequel too (Irotoridori no Hikari) since people said that it’s much better than IroSekai.

      Still, I recommend you to play Natsuyume Nagisa from SAGA PLANETS. Though the main writer of it is Niijima Yuu (he doesn’t work alone in it), its story quality is as good as HatsuSaku and the protagonist is really. different from HatsuSaku (especially his personality). I don’t force you to play it though.

      I completely agree with you. Even I think its music is almost as amazing as HatsuSaku. It’s been a while that I like music from eroge so much since HatsuSaku. its music is definitely in kamige level in my opinion. Too bad that other department (story, art, etc) in AstralAir doesn’t help it to reach Kamige level in overall. Actually I really wish that AstralAir become the next kamige, yet it crushed that hope. That’s the only thing that I’m disappointed with AstralAir.

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