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Foreword: Wow… It’s been nearly a month without a review! That’s probably because I finished Amekoi and the fandisc for Tayutama (which was on my Backlog for the longest freaking time), and I’m not really planning on writing up a review for those two because they’re… well… pretty self explanatory. (It’s a Noesis game and a fandisc. What is there to write about? QQ)

I also realized a week ago that my grades were slipping, so I kinda see that I need to cut back on eroge for a while. It’s really sad because my MMO hobbies are near extinct… I sometimes feel like a robot =__=;;
I’ve actually also started AstralAir, but that title’s been rather… boring. It’s actually my first Favorite game too, and people have been saying so many great things about it, but I guess that pumped my expectations too much. Kinda getting slow with it because of how slow it is… I’m hoping it picks up the pace soon…

Well, with my complaints aside, let’s get right onto the review. Yakimochi Stream! I had this title targeted when Getchu changed its banner advertising this, and well, let’s just say that I know the artist, Syroh, pretty well back from Softhouse-seal’s games. Syroh recently seems to have less of an activity in my favorite nukige company, so I was picking this title with hopes that my tissue box will be depleted. (Why didn’t I play Namaiki Delation, you ask? … I don’t know ._.;)

The game itself wasn’t really that good, but oh man, I learned a lesson with this one; that’s why I’m writing this review, and I sincerely hope that this title will also teach YOU a lesson as well.

Title: ヤキモチストリーム (Yakimochi Stream, or “Jealousy Stream”. However, a pun can be made with the word “yakimochi”, into “fried rice cake”, which is what I did with this post’s title)
Producers: Madosoft
Release Date: September 26, 2014
VNDB Link: http://vndb.org/v14888
Getchu Link: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=805383
Game Type: Borderline Charage/Nukige with humorous theme of jealousy

Summary: Takumi is a student studying in England, when he receives a message: “Sister serious. Come back immediately”
Being the worrywort brother he is, Takumi immediately catches the next flight he can to return as fast as possible to his hometown. His mom worriedly greets him with an uneasy frown on her face:

“She’s… become a hikkikomori (someone who refuses to come out of their room except for absolute needs)”

Takumi doesn’t believe this: his cute and cheerful younger sister wouldn’t have any reason to become so depressed and reserved, and determined to restore her smile, he enters her room armed with a bag of potato chips.

Through some conflict solving and kunkakunka (?!?!), Sana finally comes out of her room. Although this does mean that Takumi will have to transfer back to the school in Japan, he feels that such is enough of a sacrifice for his younger sister. Meanwhile, he will have no idea that three other girls will brazenly approach him, with their own side of Jealousy.

This CG is absolutely adorable. Period.

Story Length: Moderate (15 hours)
Complete Story Clearing Difficulty: Easy
Comments: Literally 5 choices throughout the game, and while the last one isn’t so obvious, the others should be. Nothing too special here.

Character Design Rating: 6/10
Story Rating: 2/10
Protagonist Rating: 1/10
Game Quality: Low
Overall Rating: 3/10
Rating Comments: So in essence, you have a very crappy game, except the game does live up to its title “charage” by actually raising its quality using the heroines themselves. Very colorful in terms of heroine design, I’m sure every guy player who even touched this game for a split second will have a severe sister complex for Sana, who seems to be the central heroine for the entire game. Frankly, if it wasn’t for her, even the character design rating would have dropped by another 3 points.

As strange as it is, the game actually has some nice transitions. While being mostly comprised up of “small stories”, the game does have a chronological flow and an attempt (while it’s pretty damn crappy) at creating a plot.

Character Summary: Let’s briefly go through the heroine summaries! They’re pretty much the core and point-earners for this game, so I’ll try my best to not botch this part up.

Sana is first, and as obvious as it is, she seems to be the central heroine of the game and probably going to rank first if a popularity poll was held. Her “innocence” *coff* is simply hilarious as the reader is shown that this girl is just head over heels in love with her older brother, and even the trigger for this emotion doesn’t matter with this apparently-Yamato Nadeshiko turning into a masochistic idiot in front of her own brother.

It’s actually rather pleasing to see imouto characters in such a design (as I’ve seen enough tsundere imouto-type characters to last me a lifetime), and it’s definitely true that Sana’s design is made so that she makes another appearance even outside of her routes.

Quite unfortunately, Sana’s route itself was relatively crappy, since this girl who is said to have “120% Jealousy Meter” didn’t really have that many moments of jealousy. The incest taboo added at the end was okay, though.

Next we have a tsundere osananajimi character Kohane. As you can easily expect, this character is also in love with the protagonist, and their “reuniting” involved the stuffing of her groin into the lucky bastard’s face.

What you probably WON’T predict, however, is that Takumi is completely unaware of Kohane being his osananajimi, as the “Koi” that he remembers from his childhood was very tomboy-ish, and got him to thinking his name was Koizumi.

Even after the groin-to-face incident, the story conveniently places the two in the same class, and while Takumi then starts to wonder why Kohane is relatively friendly with him, this causes the explosion of jealousy from two other characters.

Overall, Kohane’s route was pretty much your typical “osananajimi” route, so there’s nothing too special about it.

Then we have our loli-blonde-kyonyuu who seems to attract a lot of attention from the maniacs around the world including me. (However, I wasn’t really too fond of this trait for a reason for which I’ll explain in a bit).

Introduced a bit later than the rest of the heroines, it is clearly shown that this heroine came all the way to Japan from England just to see our protagonist. If that wasn’t enough, she kisses him in greeting, in front of the other three girls, who all have a shocking reaction of their own.

Being relatively bad at Japanese, this character instead excels at running, which Tania’s route is entirely about. As ironic as it is, the “Jealousy Meter” for this heroine is at its lowest–70%, probably because Tania has various other traits that become her motivation.

…and last is our upperclassman coodere character (character who puts up a tough facade) Mutsuki. Incredibly cliche character design and even more of a cliche route, I honestly couldn’t bring myself to enjoy her route too much. Her theme of “art” and “manga/anime” otakuism doesn’t even play a role in her story, and while she does share her own slice of “jealousy”, it was really short-lived.

Needless is it to say that her route was anticlimactic and sucked.

That Nekomimi is so unnatural, too…

Sexual Content: Dominant in the heroine routes; considered high

Comments: Alright, so let’s get into some details!

So we here have ginormous OPPAI


This is how Syroh draws: “lolis” with a large breast size. This trait was usually held consistent within the softhouse seal games as well (and it would usually be 2G who draws the “hinyuu” characters), and this is actually quite strange considering the previous title, Namaiki, actually had a heroine violating this rule.

Even the blonde loli who is over 25 cm shorter than me literally has boobs bigger than her face, and I find it so unnatural that none of the heroines complain about her shoulders getting tired (with the exception of Mutsuki, who admits it’s because of keeping a stiff posture all the time, not because of her ginormous boobs)

I swear, those melons are like an additional 50% of Tania’s body weight, and she runs that well?
Well, it’s normal for anime boobs to defy physics so…

And now we get to some moral lessons…
Sometimes, bigger is not always better, and if you’ll allow me to make a confession, I could not fap to these H-scenes at all. No, it’s not because I’m impotent: I probably have more sexual endurance than even your above-average guy. It’s just that despite my love for lolis and Syroh’s artwork, it was a miss this time: the boobs just killed it. 

I don’t know about everyone else, but huge breasts that defy physics and seem unnatural are things that are ironically a turn-off for me, to the point my “son” doesn’t even react.

So what did we learn today, guys?
“Bigger is not always better”. Let’s all keep that in mind as we live our humble lives.

P.S. Have you noticed that Getchu gives each character a “grade” depending on the size of their boobs? I’m freaking dead serious: I don’t know if it’s from the main website, but they literally give “grades” with famous-for-their-size mountain names (e.g. Alps Grade) for the heroine’s breast size. Oh my god I laughed so much.

And with all the crude jokes aside, let’s get to some real analysis: I really didn’t like how the game added a “foreign language” factor half-assed. Do they really think that English players do not have access to this, or some Japanese people can read English?

This was probably “ずっと日本にいたいと思う” (I want to stay forever in Japan) run though a Google Translate, which changes the “いたい” (…want to stay) into (…hurts)

Half-assed Japanese is one of the factors that I really hate, and even for a ramen place located near where I live, the staff greets you with “いらしゃいませ” (of which, they sometimes say incorrectly), but don’t know any other Japanese phrases.

Other than that, this is your ideal “light-hearted charage/borderline nukige). Cute characters who display jealousy so obviously that the normal human male won’t have much trouble drooling over them, and just enough humor to keep things interesting as the game displays the 4 heroines’ continuous shy approaches to Takumi.

The heroines often act in the most exaggerated manner such as Kohane in this scene when Takumi asks her out on a “date”

I guess in the end, I enjoyed pretty much everything this game had to offer; the cute characters are perfect for putting a smile on my face, and even though the H-scenes were pretty much “unusable”, it’s not like I absolutely need H-scenes in the first place.

Affection for the Characters: Low (High for Sana o3o)

CG Score: 2/10. Yeah, the boobs killed this score. You can guess?
Music Score: 4/10. Relatively unique tracks with a strange OP movie as well. They never find the right “middle-ground” of seriousness and comedy, though

Addictiveness: Probably will play this game again for Sana.

These “fight scenes” are pretty hilarious too

Conclusion: Other than Sana, who was probably the central heroine and the core theme (jealousy), the other heroines seem to pale in comparison. I also wanted to see a Harem ending or involving some of the subheroines, but I guess I expected too much. Light-hearted charage/nukige for your casual playing, and remember our moral of the day: “Big boobs are not always better”.

Hm? You’re saying that the moral changed? WELL TOO BAD!

-Slightly NSFW, but who cares? This site’s already marked as “mature” already-

Seriously, Japan?
………..Where did my wallet go?

Comments on: "Fried Rice Cakes…? Wait no! Review of [140926]Yakimochi Stream" (14)

  1. ErogeViewer said:

    I play in Japanese but now I want to see the crappy english

  2. ErogeViewer said:

    How do you set it in English. I have looked but can’t find. Thank you

  3. I think you hate charage? why playing this?
    AstralAir is not THAT bad. It just not as good as the previous title. For me I think many of its elements come from Hoshisora. So I deducted some points due to copy-paste of their old title. For me I give it 8. (I said I’m generous and I mean it. I really want to give it 7.5 or even 7 but I let it slide thanks to some character I adore) True route is not that good in my OP since Yuuki is pretty much too young for me. And no, I’m not talking about her body, but rather her mental.
    I think you can have decent expectation. Just don’t go over-hyped about I said it before and will said it again. IT’S, NOT, THAT, GOOD. Man I really want to let out my feelings for AstralAir too.

    • As I said, I played this due to Syroh’s artwork and hopes that my tissue box will be used up. Neither really worked out for me, lol

      In regards to AA, let’s just say that right now, the game is hovering around the score of “3” right now (out of 10). I know this is pretty ridiculous, but I’m not dropping this in case it actually does get better. If it doesn’t…

      Oh boy, you’re going to see a fun post with a HUGE rant, moreso because this game’s been taking up a LOT of time from me

  4. You played this as well? I didn’t think it was your type of game

    • Well, at first, I didn’t feel like going through with it, but after seeing a various number of people saying that the trial was decent (including you!) I decided to see for myself.

      That, and, as I said on the review, I was hoping my tissue supply can be used with Syroh’s artwork. ;)

  5. Well this game wasn’t that bad for me, I personally enjoyed the common route. Comedy was great and MC were really good at the tsukkomi thing, also thanks to small stories idea I never got bored so there wasn’t any problem, at least during the common route. But the routes were just H-scene, nothing else. They even threw away the only good thing in the game (comedy) and added a bunch of sex scene instead of it. I mean what the fuck is;

    – I love you
    – I love you too.
    – A, Ano sa
    – please dont think me as an ecchi girl but I want to have sex.

    seriously? is that the best confess scene the writer could write? Even I could write something better than this. If only they made more ichaicha scenes and less h-scenes, this game would be awesome as a moege. But still I can recommend for those people who likes comedy and lots of h-scenes.

    • The truth is, a lot of the games defined as what we often refer to as “nukige” are like this as well: comedy in the common route, predominant with sex scenes in the character routes.

      Frankly, I know some other titles which may have been superior in terms of “comedy”, and despite being labeled as a nukige, its sex scenes weren’t as random and there’s a decent plot. (Pure/Innocent Girl series from FrontWing)

      Then there’s your other side of the coin where comedy is taken to a cute and silly level and mixed well with H-scenes (e.g. Softhouse-seal Grandee)

      Slight and subtle differences, but it still differentiates a good game from a bad one

      As my first Madosoft game, this title didn’t seem to have either, having the traits of a charage and also being justified in labeled a “nukige” due to its sexual content

  6. wen2jia1wei3 said:

    I enjoyed your review very much :) i appreciate how you keep an upbeat tone while still being critical.

  7. Is it just me or is basically every game that features pointlessly large-breasted heroines a pile of shit? I can’t seem to think of a case that ever betrayed that expectation and nowadays I don’t even try out the trials in cases like that. I saw the cover and knew this game would suck and put it on my blacklist. Seriously, what kind of devil possessed you that you played this game?

    And again, there are tons of negative points about AstralAir I harbour and since everyone around me claims it’s good, I don’t have an outlet for my frustration t.t maybe you’re going to share my sentiments. Compared to plots/writing I rate with 10/10 AstralAir barely scores 5/10 ;/

    • Again, note that a large majority of these people are simply confused about how to rate games, and have absolutely no standard for them. It’s just like giving random numbers between 7-10 for them, so I would just laugh at their idiocy and move on…

      Or if you were like me, mindfuck them to death (although this requires effort on your part)

      On the other hand, the main reason why I played this one was because of Syroh, the artist, and the need for some laughs after my exams (kinda like how someone would drink). I felt obligated to write up a review because if I didn’t, I would have played 3 games “in a row” without writing one up.

      Astral Air’s next though (still haven’t gone through Satsukoi, which is probably going to be on my backlog now), but that’s for after exams ._.;;
      (Seriously, I have an exam almost every freaking week)

  8. Look, it’s Eiken all over again. Here’s Madosoft for you, the Oppai company featuring boobs with the size of Mount Everest and gravity defying gimmicks. It’s kinda ironic that you said boobs killed the score when they are supposed to the Madosoft’s main selling point. Oppai lolis (which is what I called them) are actually a trait I liked a lot but I gotta agree even that have a border it mustn’t cross (at least in a “normal” charage/nukige VN) or it will just look really stupid. The ones drawn by 2G (and some others I know) probably fits the trait better, and I respect them because they are notably more difficult to draw than the other body types.

    And really LOL’ed at the half-assed Japanese they actually put in game without at least proofreading it first. No matter how broken their sentences their Engrish are, I almost never seen such a fatal mistake as this one, not that I care anyway.

    P.S. Favorite’s titles are generally long (and may felt a bit dull for some people because the story progresses slower than others due to the length) but thats their style of storytelling that you will eventually get used to. Expectations are a scary thing :heh.

    • That’s not the only half-assed Japanese you’ll see in the game. I’m pretty sure the writers failed English in high school or something =3=

      Thanks for the warning about AstralAir. I’m actually kinda looking forward to it turning out crappy so I can tear it apart, but I’ll get a nice surprise if it turns out good, so win-win for me! :D

    • Half-assed Japanese are still acceptable when it’s supposed to be funny, but if they had to make a native English foreigner speak better Japanese than their own language, and messing up horribly, then it is just failure as a writer, not that Im expecting good quality writing in the first place when there is no plot.

      Well, I am not actually “warning” about AstralAir, I am a huge fan of Favorite myself so there’s pretty much no way for it to turn out crappy than many shitty games out there (at least to me, your preferences probably differ). I am one to rate a 9 for it (I even consider it one of the top games this year) although people are going to disagree with me for it. But then again I almost never come across games shitty enough to let me rate lower than a 6 (or I would have dropped it and dont bother rating it anyway) and not setting my expectations too high (thanks to average quality of most games out there). So I am the kind that is very strict on picking games but not while rating them.

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