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Foreword: And holy crap this game was long.

Evenicle, pronounced “Eve-nicle” is a game that two of my friends Aero and will recommended to me a couple of weeks ago, saying that it was the “currently best game of 2015”. I decided to give it a try and found that it was a “game” novel.

As surprising as it may be, I’m actually quite experienced with “game novels”. In fact, I absolutely love them because they add in player-interaction within the gameplay. Unfortunately, this also relates to poorer story design because it’s just that much harder to incorporate a good story inside a game.

Right, let’s get on with the review.

Due to the nature of this review, mild spoilers are intentionally included. Read at your own Risk!

Title: イブニクル (Evenicle)
Producers: Alicesoft
Release Date: April 24, 2015
VNDB Link: https://vndb.org/v16640
Getchu Link: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=843828
Game Type: RPG Adventure game with biblical and fantasy themes

Summary: Asterisk is a young boy who loves girls… almost a little too much. His dream is to take the two girls who was with him for as long as he can remember as wives, but unfortunately, the Saint Eve’s two rules of “Thy shalt not murder” and “Thy shalt not have more than one wife” taunts his current condition.

This is why he decides to become a Knight. If he becomes a Knight and climb the ranks, he will be granted more than one wife as an effort to “spread the strong seed”. He arrives near a small town called Abel and faints, to be saved by a girl named Riche. Little does he know, however, his adventure will soon take him across the continents to fight against the essence of human itself.

Ramius, Asterisk’s first wife. She is actually perverted contrary to her originally solemn impression.

Story Length: Short (5 hours) (50+ Hours including gameplay)
Complete Story Clearing Difficulty: Moderately Easy
Comments: So one of my complaints for this game is that it’s actually way too easy. All the characters pretty much tell you where to go next, and even if you forget where you are supposed to go, standing still will have the characters giving you “hints” at what the next step is, which made the game a bit too easy for me. I did not use a walkthrough for the main storyline, but feel as if I may need to use it or obtain a savedata for the 100% CG completion.

I did, however, appreciate the Giant Bosses who were a challenge.

Character Design Rating: 5/10
Story Rating: 3/10
Protagonist Rating: 1/10
Game Quality: Moderate
Overall Rating: 2/10
Rating Comments: So well, I may be a bit more critical with my ratings, but honestly, it was because of Asterisk that the ratings are lower than what it should be. Like literally, he has NOTHING within the beginning of the story yet girls are falling for him with single pick-up lines which was kinda annoying at first. He does have his “protagonist moments” within certain portions of the game, but I wanted him to be a bit more hot-headed or solemn. His avatar of grinning all the time and lack of voice acting was a big minus, in addition to other factors that I’ll discuss later.

Story is decent, but full of contradictions. There are also too many “exceptions” to rules that are laid out in the beginning of the game, and how “Knights having more wives to make babies” = good was just thrown out there as one of the exceptions was indeed annoying. Kalar = tool to have sex with also another one, and I was just sitting here going “What the fuck” as all these convenient exceptions being used to display sex scenes for no reason at all.

Riche, the first girl to meet Asterisk and his second wife; she controls 3 of the 5 elemental magic available in game.

Speaking of sex scenes: WAAAAAY too much rape scenes, and too many H-scenes in general. H-scene text occupies up to 30% of the entire text in the game, which is a lot for a game (the normal amount is ~1% for a normal novel). I feel as if many of these rape scenes could have been removed, and as the game stands as it is, it’s more like a nukige because of this trait. I’m not even joking; the game focuses WAY too much on sex. I counted 66 H-scenes for a single game.

In addition, the game does need to incorporate at least a bit of accuracy. The “Holy Mother Eve = slut” was actually pretty hilarious, but what the fuck does “Dragons” have to do anything with biblical references? The game also hops back and forth between themes and utilizes different and seemingly-unrelated plot in each “chapter”, which does make the adventure more exciting, but also contribute minus points to the “story” portion of the game.

Characters are pretty interesting, with most of them well-designed. Plot-twists for some of the characters were nice, except there was no foreshadowing of these plot-twists making them seem to come out of the blue. This caused even more choppiness within the story, and another minus.

Story Synopsis:

Asterisk is the boy full of sexual desires who swims to the main continent to become a knight. He quickly gains power despite being raised in a small village of seemingly no place to train, and greatly surprises everyone around him with his abilities. He quickly “marries” Ramiel (kinda sad how these “weddings” are done with sex), and as he becomes a Knight, Riche as well. This is when a strange group called “Jamon” is shown to be cruel and doing immoral things, and Asterisk and his brides slowly find out their identity.

This would be “Jamon”

As Asterisk grows rapidly to the point he saves Lancelot and then El Quiote, his brides and closest friends start to question who he and his “sisters” are. They soon find out that he’s actually a half-dragon, which does add into another contradiction of QD’s rule for dragons to strictly not interfere with humans. The game uses this as an excuse to explain his “rapid growth”, which really sucks because that’s the only trait of him being a “half-dragon”. No superpowers and no foreshadow. That equals bad planning.

Asterisk pushes onward to defeating Jamon, and finds himself at Hamlet, and as he clears its zombie problems, the Jamon members suddenly reveal themselves to him. This starts another arc of Asterisk defeating each Jamon members one by one, until he defeats its leader as well.

After Asterisk defeats the final boss, he decides to restore the space between worlds and leaves on another journey, which suggests a sequel to this game.

Gurigura, Asterisk’s 3rd wife and the loli-character for this game. Her CV is Himekawa Airi, who I haven’t heard since Imouto Paradise 2, so that was a pleasant surprise.

Sexual Content: High

Comments: So in general, you can see that this game did have some funny and unique characters. Asterisk himself is pretty comical in the sense he’s always after boobs or girl’s underwear, yet the girls are still falling for him because “he seems caring” for the girl. There are specifically scenes proving this, but then the ending of the game pretty much crashes that and suggests that Asterisk has something else in mind.

I kinda wish Towa had more screentime…

So yeah, the gameplay was easy enough, but it does take up a lot of your time. It’s a real pity that the story is drop-dead horrible considering how it’s all about sex, sex, and more sex. Regardless of if it’s rape or comical H-scenes or 3P, it almost seem like Alicesoft was trying to make a nukige, and the romance (or icharabu as the game calls it) is just so generic and repetitive to the point I would skip them.

Really, this game seemed awfully similar to those Doujin Hentai RPGs that you can find on DLsite. In reality, the only reason I probably played this title was because I was so freaking bored of Rensou Relation.

There’s also a lot of “What the Fuck” moments in this game. I personally found it to be disgustingly hilarious (such as Ophelia’s H-scene)

While not the 4th wife, Katheryn does have the same CV as Yuzuyu from this title. I recognized her immediately :)

Affection for the Characters: Low

CG Score: 3/10. CG is weird, too bland, and lacks Non-HCG.
Music Score: 7/10. Music is actually quite decent. Unlike other games, this game did need a better “sensual” music that’s prevalent in H-scenes. Most of the time, it was replaced with a bright and cheerful tune instead.

Addictiveness: Low.

Conclusion: While others thought this game was good, I didn’t find any merits for this game aside the unique gameplay. Story is horrible due to large number of convenient exceptions and contradictions, protagonist is quite opposite of what I expect of a real protagonist, and even as the heroines are unique, they contribute nothing toward the romance of the title, effectively making this game worthy of being called a nukige.

Sorry if this review is bland as well. I just didn’t have much I could say about this title because it was really all over the place and I couldn’t even find a single theme to rate this game with. The gameplay is interesting, but gets repetitive quickly, and since the story jumps from rape to dragons to outlaws to polygamy to 3P sex to Jamon without warning, this game is probably designed as a nukige with gameplay like those other Doujin Hentai Games.

Dang, I’m hungry right now…

Comments on: "The History of Life and Greed: Review of [150424]Evenicle" (15)

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  2. The story felt okay to me, though not the best.

    From a nukige pov, Evenicle has well. It can hardly be considered a non-nukige visual novel if there wasn’t enough text to advance character development.

    I am relatively new to Alicesoft and visual novels, so forgive my ignorance.

    I enjoyed Evenicle quite a bit, though mostly because I accepted that the story was pretty whimsical and quirky, and went along with it. Random convenient occurances happen quite frequently in the story, there was barely any tension in playing the game, but it didn’t matter that much to me.

  3. […] of the things which was almost disgusting was the emphasis on sex. It’s on the level of Evenicle where you can’t read a single scene without having something relating back to sex and frankly […]

  4. I knew you would be critical about the game, but I thought it would at least get above average in your books >___>

    Well you’ve read my review, so you probably know that I was fine with the game’s easy difficulty since it meant that the ball kept rolling. Though, I wouldn’t have minded if the game was a bit harder.

    Something I forgot to mention in my review was the game’s randomness. Those things like sudden facts that mean about Aster’s past, or random acts of sex are things I enjoyed because I could tell it was something they were aiming. for However, I do see how others might not agree with me on this. The same train of thoughts applies with Aster’s personality as well. I found his motives for doing stuff hilarious, and I loved how they stuck to it for the entire game. But again, it doesn’t deliver the best results story-wise.

    Also in my defence, I didn’t call it the best game of 2015 until AFTER you started the game =p

  5. The thing is, I pretty much hate all vns with rpg elements with a passion. why the fuck would I play a vn with a weak story that is trying to compensate that with shitty rpg? No one can seriously tell me a “vn rpg” has anywhere near the quality of renowned rpg titles. If I wanna play rpg games, I go and play some REAL jrpg game like titles from the legend of heroes series…

    I can say the same about eushfully games that are for some reason awfully popular. Let’s be real, the story either sucks or ends up being generic as fuck without offering a comparable rpg experience, so that kind of makes the h-stuff the absolute only reason to play these games or not…? And since too much and random h stuff is actually a minus for me… there’s really nothing left going for these types of games.

    btw, I’m still awfully eager to get your opinion on the other favorite titles after your horrible experience with astralair. astralair was horrific, but the other titles are actually so good in my opinion that they compensate it to the degree that favorite is still my favourite maker ;p

    • Hot damn, you’re actually defending Favorite? Well, I guess I should get started with Irotori since that seems to be the “better” of their games. I’ve just gotten back to playing older titles since I’d rather play them instead of new releases I know are going to suck (e.g. Rensou Relation… Holy shit this game sucks so much…
      On the other hand, I actually like RPG, enough to actually play them on the console and on the VN medium. Now when we have to talk about how GOOD this game was as a standalone RPG, then we might have some agreements about how much this game was lacking in the field.

      Personally, I actually like Eushully’s RPG. Granted, I’ve only played Tenbin no La Dea, but there were plenty of “side events” and special flags limited to certain conditions that made the game fun to complete. It was grindy, and it even had “end-game” features too, so that was really nice

    • I sure can understand why you’d shy away from favorite games after AstralAir being your first experience with them. The thing is, IroSeka is written by a completely different writer (Urushibara Yukito) who didn’t participate in AstralAir at all. In general, the writing is much more consistent (mainly because it’s just one writer I guess) and his style of writing is a whole lot better in my opinion.

      As a side note in case you didn’t know, the “fandisc” is actually more like a sequel and quite necessary to bring plots full circle.

      I’d be seriously surprised if you disliked Shinku (and her route). Shinku is so godly that to me the upcoming Shinku FD this month is going to be #1 vn this year hands down.

    • type03xx said:

      You attacked Eushully!? BLASPHEME!
      Or I want to said that, but I admit it was partially true… especially their recent title… Kami no Rhapsody is just so bad that I couldn’t even laugh. Maybe it’s true that eroge quality is dropping nowadays.
      But well maybe it’s not for you. But Ikusa Megami is still my favorite eroge/series anyway. It’s all about opinions after all.
      PS: Iroseka is good only because Shinku. MC is bad beyond all world for me. Not really doing anything noteworthy. Erogamescape also ridiculed him like he was some fool.

    • That’s odd, most reviews and in general, the jp vn community consider him one of the best written protagonists over all, and so do I. The character development he goes through from his past, to the point irohikari ends is tremendous. You could say it’s the journey of a person that embodies the weakness of humans, but gradually overcomes that weakness in symbolic display of what it means to be “human” and to “live”. In a way, he’s an exact fit to Shinku and only because he’s there, we get to see the Shinku we all love.

      Dunno, a lot of people tend to dislike protagonists like Yuma without realizing that this is actually a more accurate mirroring of a realistic character with a profound complexity that can’t be grasped at first or second glance. Human weakness enables you to better relate and connect to a character, in contrast to characters that either seem like an empty shell (most protagonists) or so close to perfect that they come off as superhuman (which can be fun to read in its own right, but it simply can’t reach the same level of immersion in my mind).

      I don’t consider the true route to be the only one worthwhile either. Each one tackles a substantial, distinct theme that is actually relevant to the “true route” and in the end, all the pieces fall together in an almost clock-work fit. The writer is pulling some of the best subtle foreshadowings throughout the series I’ve seen.

      But just as you said yourself, in the end it’s all about opinions.

  6. I remember playing this pseudo RPG VN quite a while back. It did caught my interest too since I thought that some form of gameplay would keep me hooked for a while. Unfortunately I became bored of the game rather quickly. The gameplay was ultimately repititve and restricted and I didn’t like the protagonist or the story either. I also hated how the text box jumped up and down when reading and the countless unvoiced lines.
    I dropped the game after reaching the desert place and took up Kami no Rhapsody instead. Compared to Evenicle, Kami no Rhapsody feels more professional and offers more play styles, character loadouts and upgrading. I felt that in Evenicle the aim was more on collecting wives rather than the real story :/ .
    Now I’m channeling most of my free time to playing Choujigen, and maybe if I can complete it before the 3rd installment comes out for PC I will probably read through Angel Beats.

    • Tenbin still lies as one of my favorites and I really need to get off my ass and play the entire series. You’re quite correct about the impression on this game, and doubt other players’ opinions on this game to have “one of the best stories” when it was almost literally “gotta fuck ’em all”

    • Don’t forget to play Kamidori Alchemy Meister too. It’s also one of success titles from Eushully. I really recommend you to play it.

      Btw, just for confirmation. I never think Evenicle as one of the best stories. My rating on its story already told that. It’s true that I think Evenicle is the best eroge 2015 so far, but that’s because eroge that I play that released in 2015 so far are Evenicle, Pure x Connect, and Hanasaki Work Spring!. I’m planning to play Koi x Shin Ai Kanojo, Angel Beats!, Akai Hitomi ni Utsuru Sekai, and between Sanoba Witch, or Kami no Rhapsody, Chrono Clock,

  7. At last you released your review about Evenicle. After reading your review, I think I should consider my ratings for Evenicle for few parts, especially its story parts.

    I’m not surprised that you don’t like Asterisk because you don’t like Hatsuyuki from Hatsuyuki Sakura, and Takumi from Majo Koin Nikki. From there, I already have a hunch you won’t like him and my hunch was totally right. For me, I never don’t like Asterisk, but I never like Asterisk too. At least he is still acceptable as protagonist for me.

    When I rate Evenicle’s story rating, I think there are things that I forgot and thanks to your review now I remember some of it. I agree that there are many rape scenes. Moreover, I don’t like rape scenes. So when rape scenes happen, I have to bear with it because those rape scenes are parts of its story. So the only thing I can do at that time is just sit and click my mouse as fast as possible because I want to skip it as fast as possible. Well, that’s one minus thing for Evenicle for me. Also, please don’t remind me to Ophelia’s H-scene. I really hate her H-scene the most. Forget about it’s getting me aroused when I see it, even the end of her H-scene is very disgusting when I imagined it that even I’m sure when I get boner, it will kill my boner right away.
    Btw, I feel there are few useless H-scenes in Evenicle (side H-scenes doesn’t count here). That Kalar H-scene is one of example useless H-scenes. Millet’s H-scenes is also another example of it I think.
    I kinda agree that Evenicle too much focused on sex. I counted all H-scenes in Evenicle and there are 38 main H-scenes (H-scenes inside the “story”) and 28 side H-scenes (H-scenes outside the “story). Total 66 H-scenes . Even without side H-scenes, Evenicle’s H-scenes is still considered high for eroge with story. I don’t care how many main H-scenes they put in Evenicle, but I don’t like when one of main H-scenes interrupt the “story” in the middle of it and those main H-scenes that I considered useless H-scenes, contributed the most in interrupting the”story”.

    QD’s rule for dragons to strictly not interfere with humans
    Except if that rule only applied to full-blood dragon (That means that rule doesn’t apply to half-blood dragon like Asterisk), I agree with you that it’s contradiction. Also, I feel the rules “Thy shalt not murder another human” is contradicted with when Ramius killed outlaw and Pancho killed outlaw. Knight only excluded from 2nd rule, so why they can kill outlaw and they didn’t become outlaw after killing them? Does that mean outlaw isn’t considered as human or knight also excluded from the 1st rule? No matter what it the answer, I feel there is contradiction in the rules.

    So, my rating for Evenicle before:
    Story: 8/10
    System: 9/10
    Art: 7/10
    Character: 9/10
    Music: 8.5/10
    Opening: 10/10
    H-scenes: 8.5/10
    Overall: 85/100

    After I revise my rating for Evenicle:
    Story: 7/10 (-1 because of H-scenes and contradiction)
    System: 9/10
    Art: 7/10 (The art was good, but I feel there is inconsistency on its art)
    Character: 9/10
    Music: 8/10 (-0.5 for rounding)
    Opening: 10/10
    H-scenes: 7/10 (-1.5 for useless H-scenes)
    Overall: 81/100

    Since I use RPG/SLG eroge rating instead of ADV eroge rating there, system that contributed the most to it in overall rating because I feel system is the most important aspect for RPG/SLG eroge. That’s also the reason why my rating for Evenicle after revised is still above 80. Story also as important as system too in my rating for RPG/SLG eroge. Also, I’m not as critical as you.

    P.S: Sorry, I still don’t finish my story. I’m too absorbed playing Football Manager 2015 because I’m near at the end of my 4th season as manager and World Cup is underway too in my FM15 save. I will finish my story after I finish my 4th season and World Cup in FM15.

    • That’s another contradiction that I wasn’t able to catch! Kudos to you.

      In the end, Alicesoft made this game too focused on the sex. It’s quite different from other games that try to sell its gameplay like Eternal or Eushully, and due to unnecessary H-Scenes with some of them making me go “wtf”, this game isn’t that great.

      The thing is, even a game like this has potential to turn out amazing. What if Asterisk wasn’t interested in girls, but genuinely worried about everyone who was unwillingly turned into an outlaw? What if, instead of crappy and generic pick-up lines, his sincerity for the outlaws win the girls over instead of his pervertedness?

      There was just so many other ways that this game could have gone, and it’s really unfortunate it turned out like this.

    • Actually I’m still concerned with that contradiction. Probably you already know this. I discussed it with Aero (in his review about Evenicle) and he said there is no contradiction and flaw with the rules, but no matter how I think I still feel there is contradiction and flaw with the rules because what it said in synospsis and what I saw when I played the game is kinda different.

      I’m quite agree that it’s too focused on the sex . Few times I feel interrupted by those H-scenes when I’m at the middle of the “story”.

      I’m quite understand what you say. I agree that Evenicle has potential to turn out amazing and they waste some of its potential. Mottainai. At least, I still enjoyed it.

      p.s: Do you know any leg injury that probably can end professional soccer player career?

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