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How will you Act when you Realize the Truth? Review of [161222] Shinsou Noise

Foreword: Without a doubt I’ve been slowing down. While there’s definitely my fault in this delay of finishing and writing reviews, I also want to place at least a portion of the blame on generic titles which I was simply not interested in or annoyed me to the point I put it off. Instead, I found myself going to doujin titles, games (admittedly, I played roughly 10-15 doujin titles between the last review and this one), and MMOs instead of galge, which is like one certain friend who went down this path (although for other platforms) much earlier than I.

For that reason, the bottom portion of this review (or where I place my “dropped games” explaining my reasoning) may be quite long. I still haven’t really figured out what I wanted to do with all these dropped titles because they’re now becoming rather increasing in number compared to actual review posts (wow much quality)

Let’s get to the review of the most recent game I played which left quite a bit of impression on me, I would first off say that as with a previous game I played, Senmomo, this game was actually rather fun. As that mystery game where you are required to use clues and various other hints to solve a crime or make various conclusions. It was almost like a puzzle game, which I really appreciated.

Obviously, however, this title wasn’t exactly the best ones out there, so I’ll be talking about the things that I found to be not-so-praiseworthy, which mind you, will take up quite a while. Let’s get started!

Please do note that this review may contain mild spoilers for this game! 

Title: シンソウノイズ (Shinsou Noise) [True Emotion Noise]
Producers: Azurite
Release Date: December 22, 2016
VNDB Link: https://vndb.org/v19684
Getchu Link: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=916833
Game Type: Mystery/Suspense Novel with themes of Social and Human Psychology

Summary: Since he was born, Kazuma had a strange ability to hear the “inner thoughts” of people around him. These inner thoughts would never lie and always tell the truth, and would sometimes overwhelm the poor boy.

After being abandoned by his parents and raised by his grandmother who also had this ability, Kazuma learned to live his daily life by shutting himself apart from all his peers and refusing to associate with anyone. Despite how he was able to see the “truth”, it’s this very truth which pushed the poor boy into depression and despair as he saw the evils and trickery that humans were capable of.

It was around this time he meets Yukimoto Sakura, a mysterious girl who would often go to the rooftop of the school and simply stare at the sky. When looking at her inner thoughts coincidentally, Kazuma saw violent and gorey images of her death which at first made him almost want to regurgitate his lunch. However, this event also lead him to wanting to know more about this girl, as he stops her from committing suicide one day.

It won’t be long however, that on another certain day, Kazuma would hear a loud thud, and witness the death of the same person who was his first love, and the inner thoughts of someone who whispers:

“I Killed Her”




All Alone in this Cruel and Harsh World: Review of [110128] Bloody Rondo

Foreword: Sometimes, life isn’t fair. Well scratch that. Most of the time, life just doesn’t go the way you want it to go, and at least for this game, that was the case.

3rd Eye is a company that I’ve been eye’ing (pun intended) for a while now, as their games are often quite interesting. This title is their first game, and similar to the previous review, related to vampires.

But it sucks.

Never have I in my 4 years of Visual Novels have I seen any worse writing. It’s just so bad and there’s just nothing good about the novel portion of the game that I have a ridiculous headache. I know this game is from a while back, but that still doesn’t mean that you make a story like this.

Oh man, this is gonna be one of my “usual” rant reviews, so take it easy, grab a can of soda, and get ready to laugh at how horrible this game was.

Producers: 3rdEye
Release Date: January 28, 2011
VNDB Link: https://vndb.org/v5349
Getchu Link: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=692831
Game Type: Mystery Action Novel with themes of Vampires

Summary: Shinkuro is an under-cover independent Vampire Hunter who hides his identity by acting as a “Student Detective” in the daytime. At night, he would go out to take out Master-less vampires who have gone out of control attacking other humans. As expected, Shinkuro hates vampires for killing his family in the past.

One day, his fate is changed when he sees a girl being assualted by multiple of these vampires. Saving the girl and bringing her back to his home, Shinkuro lays her on his bed.

Instead, however, this girl reaches out and bites him on the neck. Realizing that she is also vampire, Shinkuro points his gun at the girl’s head, ready to kill her at a moment’s notice, until the girl’s stomach growls loudly and crashes the serious atmosphere.

From then on, this vampire named “Luna” starts to live with Shinkuro, and their story has only just started.

And this would be Luna, voiced by none other than Aoba Ringo *fanboy scream*

Story Length: Moderate (20 hours)
Complete Story Clearing Difficulty: Slightly Difficult
Comments: The difficulty stems from the fact that all the path splits are exactly the same as the other; there’s no word change that would suggest any forms of hints to which heroine you’re befriending, so that made it even more hard. While this is a minus for poor design, it pretty much forces everyone to use a walkthrough.

The Finale of Leyline: Review of [150130]Tokijikake – Asagiri ni Chiru Hana

Foreword: I’ll be honest: this game was the most hyped for me this month, and possibly even the entire year. I held so much expectations from its previous titles, and I was just twisting in agony of what was to happen after the first two parts.

MFW This game

Well my dear friends, you have the finale of the trilogy and the end to the title “Ley Line”. The one thing I really appreciate about Unisonshift Blossom and this game is that they know when to stop, unlike other companies who try to milk out as much money from sequels and fandiscs as humanly possible. There will be no other games relating to this series from Unisonshift, but I’m looking forward to their other games, which have a great setting of their own.

Finished in a single day, this short game delivers a promising and definitive conclusion to the end of the series. Let’s see if they did it effectively, yes?

Just a fair warning, however, that to effectively deliver my point, I will have to include some minor spoilers. Sorry guys :|
(I’ll try to be as conservative, though)

Title: 時計仕掛けのレイライン -朝霧に散る花-(Tokijikake no Ley Line -Asagiri ni Chiru Hana-) [Lit. Trans: The Clockwork of Leyline – The Flower that Wilts in the Morning Fog-]
Producers: Unisonshift Blossom
Release Date: January 30, 2015
VNDB Link: https://vndb.org/v16212
Getchu Link: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=831780
Game Type: Sci-fi mystery novel

Summary: The mystery is solved, and the Special Task Force group has finally defeated the Evil of the school… maybe…? Well, the problem is that the events from 20 years ago is still not solved, and the German guests from the 2nd title are still staying over for some reason. In addition to the real Michiru (who is currently recovering from using a large amount of magic) still frail, Mitsuyoshi (the protagonist) is really at a loss to what to do.

Otherwise, it’s just a peaceful day without troubles… until there’s some rumors regarding an artifact (Myst) in the infirmary room. However, the team soon realizes that this was just a trap set by Futahi, the cunning Homunculus Headmaster. The team soon find out that the Headmaster has not given up on reviving the “Students of the Night” and will go through anything possible to do so.

Just what happened 20 years ago? Who is the mastermind behind this? Working together, the truth behind the tragic story is slowly revealed… which started out with a simple “Hello”.

By this character, who’s supposed to be an important character, but gets the least amount of screentime

Story Length: Short (10 hours)
Complete Story Clearing Difficulty: Slightly Difficult.
Comments: As with other titles, the difficulty doesn’t stem from multiple routes, but the fact that the game asks you “questions” which you answer with what you think happened. At the end of the game, there is a “scoring” section where you are given a rank depending on how well you answered questions. For the first two games, I received SSS and SS ranks respectively, but for this game, I got just a plain “A” rank, which suggests that either I forgot most of the plot from the previous games or was a little dull when answering these questions.

If you don’t want to bother, feel free to use a walkthrough or just save-and-reload. You are given a humorous CG corresponding to your rank.

SSSS-rank quality CG right here


The Secret of this Artificial City: Review of [141031]Hakoniwa Logic

Foreword: Oh my, the very first review for 2015? Better make this good!

I hope everyone’s having a great start with 2015, because I’m not. LOL
I just started school and 2 days into classes I already have the anxiety of being behind, so I’m just going “wtf” about how I can feel behind even though I only had 3 classes… This is going to be hell for me.

Ranting aside, let’s get to the review. A fairly decent game, it’s far from being a kamige, but it wasn’t exactly a bad game either. Simply put, a “meh” game. As the summary suggests, this game is considered a mystery novel, but the mere fact that the “mystery” element was solved rather quickly and effortlessly made this rating plummet. I’ll get to details later.

Title: 箱庭ロジック (Hakoniwa Logic) [Lit. Trans: Square Garden Logic)
Producers: Cabbit
Release Date: October 31, 2014
VNDB Link: https://vndb.org/v14924
Getchu Link: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=806158
Game Type: Mystery Novel regarding “missing girls”

Summary: Arata is a normal student not associated with any clubs and spends his days in boredom accompanied by a weird classmate who seems to have mental issues and a hardcore masochistic underclassman. One day, he is called into the school’s student council office, where the president, Shizuku, asks him to investigate a strange phenomenon going around the city, where a girl becomes abducted every month.

While Arata refuses at first, Shizuku blackmails him with his embarrassing past, and upon the spur of the moment, he agrees to investigate this issue.

As he lay moaning and groaning, he is told that he can choose a “partner” to assist him with this investigation, and two girls step up to the plate: the hardcore-masochist underclassman Coco, and a mysterious girl dressed in a detective’s outfit named Kirika.

Story Length: Moderately Short (15 hours)
Complete Story Clearing Difficulty: Very Easy
Comments: Little choices to make, except that this game DOES have a “flow-chart” with the “locked routes” system, which pretty much requires you to go through all the subheroine’s routes before getting to the main heroines. One thing to caution is that once you finish a route and get a key from the heroine/subheroine, you must IMMEDIATELY go back to the Flow-chart or the key will not register. Rather annoying; but can’t do anything about it.

Oh, but there is a harem ending with these two main heroines

Character Design Rating: 7/10
Story Rating: 4/10
Protagonist Rating: 2/10
Game Quality: Low
Overall Rating: 4/10
Rating Comments: A “meh” game which wasn’t too much of a surprise, I actually expected this “mystery” novel to have some satisfying endings, but that simply wasn’t the case. Instead, the story focuses TOO much on the background of each character, and while you may be hit with the feels-train in some parts of the story, that quickly got boring as well.

Characters were so extremely generic, but that “feels” moment somehow saved this score, while the story rating was decreased due to the entire game lacking that “mysterious” feel and instead topped with unnecessary icha-icha.

…and perhaps sex appeal. (Seriously. I know it’s the setting and all, but NUN-OUTFITS in this day and age?)

Protagonist Rating is pulverized primarily due to his lack of action in the investigation–the girls do MUCH more than he does, and the only real thing he does in the entire story is pretty much comfort the girls when the group finds out something shocking. This is on top of how he literally says he “hates Coco and Kirika” to falling madly in love with them in a course of less than a month, while in icha-icha, he pretty much calls the heroine “可愛い” endlessly, as if he was only pumping between the heroine’s legs just because of the heroine’s looks.

Character Summary:

Let’s start with Kirika, one of the main heroines. Introduced quite early in the beginning, it is shown that she is either very intelligent, or rather stupid since she wears a detective hat and cape to school. On one hand, she seems to be sincere with the investigation, but with the out-of-the-ordinary outfit, it might even be seen as her simply fooling around. On the other hand though, Kirika’s personality seems fake since it can be so contradictory (e.g. She’s very calm and serious when solving the mystery, but gets excessively flustered easily when it comes to anything sexual)

Kirika’s route is the only time when the “mystery” is actually solved to the complete extent, and can be considered a “true route”. However, while the pacing of Kirika’s route was splendid, the climax was ridiculously poorly planned and somewhat ruined the good atmosphere the game created.

Second is Coco, and quite unlike our generically known “kouhai” heroine archetypes, Coco is a severe masochist. Most of the scenes involve her asking to be punished or tied up, and it’s shown very early in game that even the meeting of Arata and Coco involved a scene where Coco was tying herself up.

As the other ‘main heroine’, Coco also plays an important role as Arata and Kirika are embarrassingly lacking in social connections. Coco’s route mostly emphasizes how this cheerful girl can be so helpful in the investigation despite not having much intelligence.

Coco also has a relatively sad past of her own, which is generally a plus, but I would’ve liked it if the game gave a definite background to why she’s so crazy about SM-play. The game DOES mention this reason at one point, but it was said in a jokeful manner and unsure if it’s true.

On the other hand, I’m sure guys won’t have much trouble enjoying her H-scenes.

Right. Now on to the subheroines that you need to capture for the main story. This is Mana, a cute and cheerful waitress who works at a cafe with her dad who is also the Owner. Arata’s first interaction with this girl is when he and Kirika visit the cafe and order a coffee called “The Usual”.

Contrary to what would be expected, Mana also plays an important role for the story of the missing girls, and have a rough past of her own that prevented her from going to school and having friends like a normal girl. Her cheerful facade is only a protective shell, which Arata exfoliates as he works in the same cafe in Mana’s route.

All in all, Mana’s route was good, but heavily lacked impact.

Next is Shizuku, the Student Council President-type subheroine. She is the one who originally blackmails Arata into the investigation, and strangely knows of his black-box past despite Arata saying he erased all records of it. In her route, she confesses to him about where she found his black-box past, which was a good follow-up.

As a subheroine herself, Shizuku seems to actually know something about the missing girls, and this gets revealed first in her own route, then in Kirika’s.

Overall, Shizuku was never that important to the story, and she as a character says “あら” too frequently. Her haughty personality got really annoying considering how she’s not even supposed to be a tsundere character, and as obvious as it is, her route’s ending sucked.

Let’s get to Moemi, a 3rd year upperclassman who is apparently the “school’s number 1 wanted as a bride” due to her good looks, personality, and intelligence. Her involvement with the investigation was initiated with one of the girls missing being her friend, and the readers are given a comical relief at this point that Moemi will often hinder (unconsciously) the group and also cause them extreme amounts of stress.

Moemi is the least important than the other heroines regarding “the investigation” and involves a rather suddenly-revealed past that makes it rather hard to sympathize with the fake (hint-hint) heroine. Her route also had a great potential to be good, but I guess the scenario writer didn’t see that potential. Quite unfortunate, really…

Last but definitely not the least is Riru, a young child who Arata sees in the middle of a busy street one day which he believes is an illusion. However, Kirika confirms that this girl is indeed real, because Riru was once taken care of in the church that Kirika lives in. She was sent to a family, and was actually thought to be dead, as the news portrayed this family being killed in a fire.

Riru’s story is, arguably, the most shocking for me and directly involves some girls who were turned up missing. In this sense, Riru as a character was most consistent (aside from the main heroines) and had the most impact as the reader sees what exactly such a small girl went through her short life. Admittedly, my “loli” bias kicked in and I was hit with a torrent of Feels as I went through Riru’s route. Not surprisingly, it was the first route I cleared.

Riru is the only subheroine who does not have H-scenes for obvious reasons.

So yeah, prepare yourself to be hit with some Feels-train when playing this game.

Sexual Content: Moderate

Comments: So what I don’t understand about games with flowcharts like this is that the concept and the story do not match. Here you have locked scenarios so you have to go through a subheroine’s route first and get her “key”, but that Key does nothing except allow you to go into the main heroine’s route. Simply put, the forced playing order was nothing but a sad excuse to add in a worthless “system” as an effort to make the game look more interesting and complicated. In reality, you pretty much see the same plot twice, with the heroine, NOT Arata (you worthless piece of shit) who figures things out.

Hakoniwa (square garden) is a tool used by the more advanced psychologists, who can actually determine various information about the subject by observing what “pieces” they use or what shape/order they make the arrangements. Although it seems like a mindless child-play, it is specifically used to foreshadow Coco’s background story within the game.

As stated before, the story is quite decent. The mystery element had a great flow (although it could have used a bit more effort in the transition and player interaction), and the character design mostly received its points from the “feels” that it gave the readers.

Other than that though, the mystery element played very little role as it was solved rather abruptly without the protagonist doing much, and the same protagonist ruined the story with some bad traits of his own.

Affection for the Characters: Moderate

CG Score: 7/10. This artist is quite amazing with the CGs. It’s just that it lacks quite a bit of normal CGs
Music Score: 4/10. Nothing too special.

Addictiveness: Very Low

Conclusion: In a sense, this game seems like a well-designed galge which uses sympathy to gain affection for the characters, and contains a poorly plastered on a “mystery” theme just to make it have some plot. It was definitely nice to see some shocking story related to the characters, and it’s definitely a plus to have the story consistent across routes, but the story (both main and character-specific) can improve greatly.


Are you feeling Lucky? Review of [101217]Axanael

Foreword: Here’s a question: what do you do when a friend who knows a lot about Galge tells you that a certain game is a kamige?


As expected from Nitroplus, this is really badass. No moe here, no weeaboo material, just plain badass story with a touch of human morality and philosophy. This is definitely a type of game that will shock the readers if they’re not prepared for what’s going to appear in front of them.

What I also appreciate is…
… Hm, actually, screw it. I’ll discuss it in the body of my review, so go on!

Read this review that doesn’t do justice for the game, Axanael!

(P.S. As I’m writing this review, my hands were trembling from sheer amazement and shock, so if  you see typos or grammatical errors, that’s probably what happened)

Title: アザナエル (Axanael)
Producers: Nitroplus
Release Date: December 17, 2010
VNDB Link: http://vndb.org/v3971
Getchu Link: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=682695
Game Type: Psychological Thriller Novel with themes of Human Morality and Philosophy

Summary: Axanael is a gun that grants the wish of whoever is hit by its bullets… However, this comes at a cost: whoever uses this gun to shoot themselves risks their own life… at a 1/6 chance. In reality, the 5/6 chance of getting your wish granted is enough to overcome the chances of dying, right?

Well, what if your wish was granted the first time…? Wouldn’t you wish for more, more and more? Each time, you’re risking your life, and someday… your luck will meet its end.

1/6 chance… For that, are you willing to risk your life?
Six characters in the game are going to answer that for you. Most likely, one of the six will die according to probability, but… It’s… just a probability… right?

This CG… I just can’t comprehend…

Story Length: Slightly Long (25 hours)
Complete Story Clearing Difficulty: Very Tedious (Walkthrough Recommended)
Comments: For the length itself, it’s actually quite long, despite the fact that the entire game only takes place over 6 hours! (So essentially, you’re looking at what happened in that 6 hours in the game, for about 25 hours). This actually kinda threw me off, and at one point, I was wondering what the passing of time was, then it hit me.

I felt so dumb after that.

Character Design Rating: 5/10
Story Rating: 9/10
Protagonist Rating: N/A
Game Quality: Very High
Overall Rating: 8/10
Rating Comments: A very good game, it unfortunately doesn’t come enough to be called a “Kamige” due to its lack of focus on individual characters and a plot that you simply “cannot come back” to.

Despite this, note how there are six protagonist of varying genders (2 male and 4 female), but all their actions within the 6 hours of “in game time” all match up perfectly. While you DO look at 6 viewpoints total, it’s just so amazing how such design was done: Just the mere words that were used becomes a foreshadow, and holy shit I can’t contain my excitement for game designs like this!

Did I say excitement?

Game Quality is “Very High”, in addition to the RNG (random number generator) when you go through the game for the routes you haven’t seen yet. What does this mean? When you’re actually going through the game and the characters uses the Axanael, the following storylines are subject to that 1/6 Deathrate. As surprising as it is (Well DUH), some characters will actually die by using the Axanael, and I seriously wet my pants when I saw some of the CGs depicting this.

Character Summary: A brief character summary is used in order to give a brief detail about the characters without spoilers! Frankly though, this made it so hard to give a long description for each of the characters…

Let’s first go to Sakura, and despite her name, it’s not spelled like we’re used to, but rather “沙紅羅” instead. Her name also corresponds to how she says “Itadakimasu” or “Yoroshiku” differently, and if you can read kanji, some of these phrases will make you laugh.

Sakura is a blonde “gangster” who is strangely looking for Doujinshi on New Year’s Eve for her brother who is hospitalized. Despite seemingly the main protagonist, she shares the same amount of spotlight as the other characters. (Although the true route involves her the most) Being a gangster, Sakura has two comrades named “Miso” and “Buu”, who share most of the comical spotlight.

Next is Chiaki, and despite the name and appearance, this character is a guy. With feminine features, the beginning scenes show that he is forced to crossdress by someone named “Suzu-ne”, and the details of this relationship is soon revealed.

Chiaki is normally a coward, being easily startled or intimidated, but with his relationship with Ena, another character, this character slowly changes throughout the entire game. Honestly, one of his quotes, I found to be really favorable:

I thought about who I would  save gambling my life (using the Axanael), and your (Ena’s) face appeared in my mind.

Woo! This guy’s a man!

Okay his face kinda ruins it.

Ena is next, and paired with Chiaki, it’s quickly shown that she is the childhood friend of Chiaki, and not exactly on the best relationships with him. Despite this the reader can easily see that she is a tsundere character, and with the CV as Sakikabara Yui, this was quite a nice gap-moe, or whatever you call it.

Being the daughter of a police officer, Ena wants to be a detective, and uses the phrase “これは事件?!” (Is this a mystery?!) rather frequently, with the similar background to the popular series, Detective Conan.

As it turns out, Ena doesn’t recognize Chiaki’s crossdressing and ends up believing he is actually Chiaki’s cousin. Let us enjoy the outcomes of this misunderstanding, shall we?

Next is a really really really creepy character named Noko. As it turns out, this crazy freak wears an eyepatch and swings a cutter knife around as if she’s a yandere… Wait, she is one!

From the beginning of the scenes, one can see that this character has some kind of grudge(?) for someone named Nitori, slashing people who get in her way, and finally jumping off a building when she can’t find him.

Noko is a strange character indeed, but when it comes to Nitori, everything else becomes second to her: she simply loves him so much that it’s actually kinda scary. At some point throughout the game, I couldn’t help but sympathize with Nitori who had to deal with this kind of girl.

As ironic as it is, this character seems to be the main point of the story most of the time (or at least feels like it because she has that much impact due to her design). With the CV as our little loli humanoid puppy, my reaction as I realized it was something equivalent to the following picture:

And this is the person that the creepy yandere was looking for: Nitori. At first glance, he is a cynical otaku who is a failure at everything: college, hobby, and even his life. Even his beginning scenes involve him losing horribly at the Pachinko (a gambling game) Center, and returning with absolutely no money in his pocket, the reader is suddenly pushed into an H-scene. (… What the fuck?)

Regardless, like Chiaki, it can easily be seen that this character is also very cowardly, and severely lacking self-esteem. However, like Chiaki, Nitori gains more confidence throughout the story, and is a dynamic character. Nitori in some of the last moments of the game show him becoming so confident in his abilities, that people around him start to call him an idiot, but he doesn’t care about what the other people think.

Last and probably the least (yes, I know) is Fuuri. Frankly, this was a character that I hated most due to her design being a simple fanservice character seeming to not change from a shy and indecisive character until the very end of the true route. This is in addition to her being in love with a subcharacter, and while it’s already an insult that this was while she has a fiancee, AND the person who she loves (that very subcharacter) is dead, but the fact that she is in denial of her lover’s death AND the origin of affection is not explained to the readers. What is she, a DV victim?

It’s rather unfortunate that Fuuri doesn’t shine as much as other characters, and plays very little importance compared to other characters. On the bright side, she has large boobs…
That’s probably the only good thing about her. (Nico is larger though huehuehuehue)

 Is it just me, or does Noko look surprisingly human-like? O_O;

…and what the living fuck happened to her here?!

Sexual Content: Slightly Low

Comments: So first, the usage of RNG for the first playthrough is definitely a plus, but the story itself DOES follow a timeline, which you can choose your stories, and after the first playthrough, whether or not Axanael succeeds or fails. This is how the various endings are reached, as well as the H-scenes. Despite there being merely 5 choices (succeed or fail), the mere fact that theoretically there are 16 possible “paths” make this game relatively tedious to go through completely. (There’s actually less than that. Don’t worry)

But these guys make it not-so-boring… Props if you can guess who that pink-haired character is!

One of the minuses on the other hand, was the excessive use of references and previous titles. Sumaga is a different title that is produced by Nitroplus, but they use it too frequently, and becomes a huge element itself in the beginning games, as if they were trying to market it. References were also used inappropriately in some places, and could have been left out.

Frankly, I blame Nitroplus for being one of the major producers that incorporates reality excessively into their games, as if that would get more buyers. While the setting is much more interesting, it often makes players fantasize about the plot too much to the point they become what I call “weeaboos”. Nitroplus seems to focus too much on the Japanese Otaku as their audience and while it’s probably the right action, some of the paradigms presented in the game are wrong.

So yeah… references. (No seriously, you’ve been living under a rock if you don’t know who this is)

Connecting storyline throughout the 6 protagonists were definitely another plus, however, and because you get various point of views, you are pretty much forced to pay attention to even the smallest details if you wish to understand the storyline. Simple fact that changing the result of “Kagomeasobi” reveals new plot that you didn’t even expect was another plus, and another side of this game which I thoroughly enjoyed.

But really, Nitroplus? Hooking up two of the characters with a seemingly abysmal subcharacters? That ain’t cool man: some players are going to sue you for NTR. #dumbweeaboos

Affection for the Characters: Very Low. Unfortunately, the game seems like I’m reading a thriller book, not a character-focused galge. It would be a DAMN good book, but unfortunately, not something that can be used to make character goods to earn money (Honestly, this is a good thing!)

CG Score: 7/10. Both the CG and BGM are rather low quality, but most of the points are from the various special effects throughout the game. Can you believe this is a game from 2010?!
Music Score: 4/10. Pretty average music, which would’ve been better if there were more “horror” tracks which this game really needed at some points. SFX also saves this score a bit.

Addictiveness: Low

Conclusion: A shocking thriller game that should be on ANYONE’S list if they’re experienced with galge or eroge. It’s definitely not something we’re used to seeing, but that “difference” is what makes this game stand out above the others, and despite how it has its own flaws, just the mere fact that it’s “different” hides those very flaws that I criticize.

For this reason, this game is NOT for the weak of heart or the players who want charage/moege.

Finally, Special Thanks to gangrelion for introducing me to this game!

Mini Review: Leviathan the Last Day of the Decade

Foreword: Invited by Mark R., I didn’t get to this game until very recently, so I’m not sure if I can give a good review or not…

Nonetheless, I actually had some hope for this game, because most indie creators are pretty good at making games, in one way or another.
Turns out, this wasn’t the most thrilling game, both in its graphics or content. I’m very disappointed that besides some animations, this was your average kusoge (trashy game), which (sorry, Lostwood Games) is not worth the money.

Unless the game has some huge element that connects everything and performs a good resolution in a single last episode (or they can choose to extend it… either way, I don’t have good impressions on this game), this game will not interest me, and I’ll make sure it doesn’t fool anyone to fork over unnecessary cash just because it’s in English.

Title: Leviathan -the Last Day of the Decade-
Producers: Lostwood Games
Release Date: August 10, 2013
VNDB Link: http://vndb.org/v13124
Getchu Link: N/A
Game Type: Interactive Adventure Game with cyberpunk theme

Summary: Oliver is the only son of a relatively wealthy family. Because of this, he is sent to school like other kids, and has a “relatively” normal life…

That is, until his mom started to act strange and he starts to be bullied just because he hangs out with the school bully victim, Kael.

One day, Kael invites Oliver to perform a demon summoning magic, and provides him with the necessary materials. Oliver successfully casts the magic, but the demon starts attacking him instead!!
Finally calming the demon with soothing words, Oliver will now have the demon serving him as a master. However, this awesomeness doesn’t last for long; the demon informs that Oliver’s mother is lying to him about something… and Oliver sticks his neck into the problem too deeply.

Although he’s released with a scold from his mother, he will definitely regret it–His mother is killed the very same night by an intruder.

Years pass by, and Oliver is now a healthy teenager. Although he cannot prove it, he knows who his murderer is; the very foster father that adopted him after his mother’s murder. However, he can’t do anything against one of the most powerful man in the area, and spends every day trying to find evidence that his guardian is a sham; he is evil at heart.


Review of [120928]SINCLIENT

Foreword: I am so proud of myself to have finished this game (while studying in college) within one week of its release. In all seriousness, SINCLIENT is a game consisting of mystery, as many of you probably expected. Even as a mystery, there were many fun themes and plotline, and I can definitely say that this was a game that is worth playing. There are very few comical scenes in this game, but it works mostly to create a warm atmosphere as an intermission between events (They say that there’s a calm before the storm, right?)

Despite this, I warn readers that this game contains MASSIVE amounts of difficult kanji. These are the games that even the most proficient Japanese cannot play without some tool to help him, as essentially nothing is written in hiragana or katakana. It’s quite a pity, however, since this game would’ve been enjoyed by much of the English Community.

Finally, this was a game with a LOT of impact, unlike the few games that preceded it.

Unfortunately, I can’t post screenshots due to many of them being spoilers =P

Producers: Boost5
Release Date: September 28th, 2012
VNDB Link: http://vndb.org/v10605
Game Type: Mystery, Kinetic Novel

Summary: …Who am I? I wake up in an ambulance where the worker tries his best to calm me down in my confusion. Whatever happened, I don’t know who I am, nor why I am in an ambulance. Suddenly, a car crashes into the ambulance!! Out pops several men in black suits and sunglasses, and they kill everyone in the ambulance within a matter of seconds.

But how…

… How does my body react so quickly? I quickly steal a gun from one of them and eliminate them all… How was I able to do that? What the hell am I?

I look around the environment I’m in, but nothing comes to mind. I don’t know who I am, I don’t know where I live, and I realize that now that I’ve killed people, I can’t stroll out in the daylight freely.

In my wallet, I have many fake IDs, and a hotel key. Maybe I’ll learn something when I get there! In great hopes, I open the door…

… A woman lies face up, her throat cut open, with “pigrizia” (laziness in Italian) written on the wall with her blood.


Story Length: Moderate (25 hours)
Complete Story Clearing Difficulty: N/A
Comments: There are two parts to the story: Begining (it is spelled like this) and Babylon. Personally, I like the Begining Story a lot better, because there’s more mystery and more thrill.

Character Design Rating: 9/10
Story Rating: 8/10
Game Quality: Moderate
Overall Rating: 8/10
Rating Comments: Wow. That’s all I can say. While it’s true that this game lost few points on the “story” due to it being slightly inconsistent and somewhat predictable, the character design was nearly perfect. In the game, you will see many dynamic characters and stories that connect them all together in a heartwarming way.

Sexual Content: Low

Comments: I’ll say this right off the bat. Many characters will die in this story. It’s up to you to guess how and when they die, but they do. However, this only works to increase the sympathy/empathy you feel for them, and even after the story is finished, you will find that you want more of the story, even with the epilogue in the end.

Affection for the Characters: Extremely High.

CG Quality: Moderate. Here’s a spoiler for you: I’ve figured out the plot based on various CG/Sprites that was presented.
Music Quality: Superior. All the music has a tune that makes your adrenaline rush, and combined with the (literally) breathtaking story line, it’s not surprising to be physically dizzy after a while.

Addictiveness: Slightly Low. Even as I can argue that this is a great game, this is not a game that would be worth playing again, as all the plotline is clear to you. I am looking forward to Boost5’s next games, however!